Campaign :: Help the printer that helps you

March 14th 2012


The Rizzeria are a collective of print enthusiasts who run a co-operative based printing program using a Riso RP3700 prtinter, affectionately know as ‘the Rizza’. It is a stencil-based printer that prints with paints, using up to nine colours, one at a time – very different from your run-of–the-mill Office Works standard. The result is a warm hand-made aesthetic that lets the artistry of the design and the printing process itself shine. You can learn how to print yourself or pay one of their experts to do it for you. It is relatively cheap. Great for CD jackets, posters, publications, or anything really you can dream up.

Sounds great huh? Let’s get printing!

Well, there is a slight hitch. I don’t know what, how or why, for the love of god why!? But Riz had an accident that put it in a state beyond repair. The Rizzeria are asking us to pitch into their Pozible campaign and crowd-source fund them back into action. There are lots of goodies you can bag in return for your support, like Rizzeria printed tea towels, or if you are truly fancy you can have a portrait of you made and hung on the wall of fame un their workshop. So please help the Rizzeria get back to serving up aesthetic delights and challenging that ‘I printed this at work after everyone went home’ look on your next band poster.

What: The Rizzeria Pozible campaign

Where: Here

When: Before the 10th April

How much: Anything you can


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