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August 9th 2012

Call The Cops


“So once again, I OH YOU have proved that they the best way to get out of debt and get laid more often is to throw parties and subsequently start a unique label that produces some of Australia’s best talent. Fuck you, I OH YOU.”

– We Talk You Die blog on the July 2012 Call The Cops tour


This July past, you might have found yourself arms flailing, without a shoe and on top of a stranger at one of Australia’s best rock venues. No? Hell yeah? If you were indeed in such a predicament, chances are the I OH YOU crew were providing the tunes and premature deafness. If you sadly missed out, never fear, luckily they made certain to have cameras in tow…


Bleeding Knees Club gettin’ all the babes.


Last month, Melbourne party-garage label I OH YOU bundled three of their best and loudest artists, DZ Deathrays, Bleeding Knees Club and Yacht Club DJs for a lock-up-yer-daughters Aussie tour dubbed ‘Call The Cops’. The notorious I OH YOU lads stormed Richmond’s rock-solid Corner Hotel and Marrickville’s get-loose Factory Theatre in a string of memorable hoedowns. The label recorded a mini-doco to prove it, released on Youtube this week.


Call The Cops supposedly found such a name because “so much shit goes wrong when we’re together”. The fun-size 8 minute doco sees the guys drink, spoon, crowd surf, eat, snore, recover, spin, play and make fast, loud, damn good music together, stopping only to scrawl set lists on scrap cardboard.


“One more, one more. Yeah just chuck in Khe Sanh, they’ll love it hey.”


Featuring interviews with Guy Chappell and Gaz Harrison (Yacht Club DJs), Alex WallBrett Janschand Jordan Malane (Bleeding Knees Club) and Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley (DZ Deathrays), there are significant warm fuzzies snuggled amongst this mini-doco, the type of lovin’ that can only come from dudes playing in the live sandbox together for many a year. Yacht Club DJs ran their first ever tour with DZ Deathrays and second ever with Bleeding Knees Club. Bleeding Knees Club drummer Brett Jansch even describes the crew as “super friends”, before drinking a beer with his tour buddies straight out of one pair of old sneakers. Naaawww. Yuck.

Stopping by Sydney for the last leg of the tour, the swashbuckling Call The Cops crew dropped in to our humble abode at FBi for a guest progam spot on Friday Arvos, surprisingly fresh after flying to Sydney without sleeping. The lads spun some tunes and used the maaaagic of radio to expose themselves, metaphorically and literally. Check us out halfway through the doco (there it is, a seamless and shameless self plug). Said Jordan Malane of Bleeding Knees Club: “Yeah, we were pretty obnoxious [on air]. I don’t think we really thought about like, what were actually sounding like. I don’t know, I wouldn’t like us if I heard what we were talking about.”


Hey! HEY! There’s our house! See it shine.


So take a tea break and check out the wild ride with this wily combo below. According to I OH YOU founder Johann Ponniah “Kids will froth that shit.”


Let the frothing commence:



Filmed and edited by Tim O’Keefe.


Check out the free stream of the Call The Cops special Arvos show here.


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