Buoy Talks New Release, Jazz and Misbehaving Tech

September 23rd 2016


  • BUOY :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis


Sydney’s Buoy first introduced herself to our ears in 2014. It’s safe to say we’ve been big fans since then – naming her independent artist of the week and, more recently, a finalist in FBi’s Northern Lights competition.

Celebrating the release of her brand new EP, Break, Buoy (Charmian Kingston) came in for a chat with Darren Lesaguis. Listen above as they discuss her success, her past and her very bright future.

Break sees Buoy explores a more personal and touching path. Stepping away from her experimental roots – seen in the darker tones instilled in her first release – Buoy is taking things in a completely different direction.

“I knew that I wanted to make it more up-tempo and ‘dancey.’ I guess with the first EP, I was just finding my way. This time I allowed more elements to be involved.”

Buoy also opens up on how this new release has helped her cope emotionally.

“Well, it was a natural process I suppose. I’d been through a really tough time, and music was such an outlet for me and I always found it really hard to express myself. When I speak, I find it hard to articulate the way that I’m feeling. With these new songs, I guess they were a way for me to express myself.”

Shifting musical directions is hardly anything new for this emerging artist, however. Buoy’s true creative roots lie within studying jazz piano at university.

“Yeah, I grew up playing piano, not specifically jazz when I had lessons growing up. When I finished school, that’s when I started getting into jazz and I went to uni studied piano and mainly did jazz. Then when I finished uni I branched off into electronic. I love all the sounds. I love drums and beats, I love dancing.”

Discussing blunders and boastful moments, Buoy shared her most embarrassing moments with an air of humour and bliss.

“[At Big Sound] I was two songs in, I think I might have been playing ‘Exit’ and the P.A just cut out – there was no sound. This year, when I was at Big Sound, I was doing a show there, I was playing ‘Exit’ and I was dancing too much and I kicked a cable out. At least this time I could plug the cable in and keep going.”

With the new single ‘Exit’ currently on rotation, Buoy is making waves. Buoy’s unique blend of vibrancy, melancholy and dynamic tension within the work is captivating audiences.


Break is out now on October Records.


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