FBi Guide :: Bondi Feast

July 9th 2015

As the greatest cold snap descends on Sydney, Rock Surfer’s Theatre
Company is warming up for their fringe-style winter festival.
Because Bondi isn’t all about fish ‘n chips on the beach and really,
really, ridiculous good looking people.

There will be 11 nights jam packed with 50 performances all home grown and full of creativity. There is a little bit of culture for everyone.

The comedy ranges from action packed retellings, self deprecating confessions to.. turducken.

There will be a lot of funny theatre, often about serious topics as well as some spontaneous creations. Anyone who is a big proponent of the ‘all nighter’ might want to head along to 24 Hour Party Playwright, where 6 plays will be written, directed and performed in a single day.

This is all wrapped up with an art exhibition, where 10 local artists explore their nocturnal behaviour, a variety of musical performances and a beer review. Because, Australia.

There are even a few workshops including my personal favourite, Eat Our Words: Stories about food while you eat the food the story is about.

If you are concerned about having a cultural overload there is also a full line up of food vendors to recharge at.

If all that wasn’t enough reason to come, how about this line cut and paste straight from the website

WHY? It’s winter, so we’re throwing a party. Take that winter!

The Festival kicks off Saturday 11th July and runs until the 25th.


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