Bill Nye the Science Guy: “Let’s Save the World!”

September 29th 2017

  • Bill Nye :: Interview with Alice Williamson


Bill Nye the Science Guy, known to Australians as “kind of like Dr Karl”, joined Alice Williamson on Up and Atom to chat climate change, outer space and doing more with less.

The scientist, Netflix star, author, comedian and inventor awes with details about gravitational waves, black holes, and laser beams bouncing off mirrors. But he can also be more direct with his objectives, one of which is “let’s save the world!” It’s this call to action that defines the popular science icon: while he may be a self-professed “nerd”, he’s also an activist who believes science can help solve many of the world’s problems, most notably climate change.

He also recognizes that progress requires political strength. “We’re in a mysterious time right now where we have people acting against their own self-interest. …Climate change is happening, but by not acknowledging it they’re [government] making it worse and they’re aware of it. They’re aware that they’re making it worse, but it’s too much to deal with.”

Nye says that the only solution to climate change and political inaction is to build relationships based on knowledge, a point he plans on facilitating during his visit to Australia. Citing our homeland as “a continent essential to our exploration of outer space”, it’s safe to say he’ll be kept very busy while he’s here.

Fill your brain and dip into the full interview above.


WHO: Bill Nye live in Australia
WHERE:  Sydney Opera House
WHEN: Sunday October 8
HOW MUCH: info here


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