Ash Berdebes on Outsmarting Your Smartphone

August 22nd 2018

  • Ash Berdebes :: Interview with Bridie Tanner on Mornings

Have you ever caught yourself mid-scroll on your phone and realised you’re somehow now in the middle of a dance circle at an Italian wedding? And then pretending to be a cousin just to get a vid of the bride lipsyncing Thong Song cos that’s #hotcontent? Well you just might have a low-key phone addiction!

On Mornings this week, Bridie was joined by Ash Berdebes who crashed and totalled her bike after trying to check a notification. The phone was also totalled. It ended up being the violent shoulder-shake she needed to wake up and ask some tough questions about her technology consumption. What followed was a journey of offline discovery, to research the psychology behind our phone habits and the impact they have on our health.

Ash turned her research into a 2-hour workshop – “Outsmart Your Smartphone” which she delivered at Work-Shop in Redfern on Tuesday, but she shared the 10-minute highlight reel with Bridie (and lets face it, that’s all your phone-addled attention span can handle 😬).

Listen in above to see if you might have a bigger problem than you think. In Ash’s words: “we’ve got one life. Let’s outsmart our smartphones and reclaim our brains.”


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