Art We Heart: Rosie Deacon

January 20th 2016

Rosie Deacon_Credit Liam Cameron

Rosie Deacon at the FBi SMACS Festival. Photo credit: Liam Cameron


We treasure Rosie Deacon as we treasure koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

The explosion of colour that readily identifies her work is as good as a ‘Made in Australia’ sticker on a jar of Vegemite. From found and collected materials, Rosie makes art that is truly and uniquely Australian.

Rosie has a special knack for turning cardboard rolls and zip ties into exotic birds and native animals. Her works have taken a number of forms – from an immersive performance installation using dodgem cars at ‘Winter Wonderland’ to a sculptural show at FirstDraft complete with wall-to-wall coverings of fun foam. You may even have had a putt on her ‘Putt Putt Party Down the Wombat Hole’ at the FBi SMACs Festival!

Most recently, Rosie has created a video work for Campbelltown Arts Centre titled ‘Big Fat in the Back Kangaroo Rap’. Complete with all the quintessential Rosie Deacon tropes, the work is extraordinarily kitsch, slightly absurd, and as bright and colourful as Bondi beach packed with bums and bikinis on a summer’s day. Rosie raps in her kangaroo onesie (listen below), festooned by tiny koala keychains – the ones you give to any overseas visitor as a token Christmas present. Her candy shop dancers, similarly adorned in souvenir shop paraphernalia, dance on top of postcard-perfect images of the iconic Australian landscape.

Originally from Nyngan, Sydney has embraced Rosie as our own. She’s made her studio at 107 Projects her home, where you will readily hear her blaring rap music, from 50 Cent to E40.

This week Rosie dropped in for a chat – and a rap – on Mornings with Rachel Sibley. Hear more from the lady herself:

  • Rosie Deacon interview :: Mornings with Rachel Sibley



Candy Shop performance at Winter Wonderland

Rosie Deacon golf_Credit Liam Cameron

‘Putt Putt Party Down the Wombat Hole’ at the FBi SMACs Festival. Photo credit: Liam Cameron

WHAT: VIDEO | OEDIV exhibition, featuring Rosie Deacon
WHERE: Campbelltown Arts Centre
WHEN: 16 Jan – 20 March


WHAT: MCA Artbar: ‘Koala Nutbush’ – curated by Rosie Deacon
WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art
WHEN: January 29, 2016 at 7pm
HOW MUCH: $25 on the door (or MCA members price list here)



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