Album of the week: February 11 – Jessica Pratt

February 11th 2019

Californian folk singer-songwriter Jessica Pratt returns with her tranquil and exquisite third album, Quiet Signs. Swapping the lo-fi machinery of her home recordings for a professional studio, Pratt folds new colours into her already refined sound, with flickers of flute, organ and piano embellishing her whisper-soft vocals, ghostly tape hiss and barely-there nylon guitar. Quiet Signs is a deliberately small album, one that rewards close and repeat listening as Pratt’s tender vocal melodies glide through hypnotically unfurling compositions that she seemingly conjures up out of nowhere only to recede back into the ether just as quickly. A record firmly out of time and place, Quiet Signs is Jessica Pratt’s respite from the noise of modern life, an insight into an elusive, tucked-away world with the power to, for a brief moment, draw us out of our day-to-day, slow down time and stop the world spinning.

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