Album of the week: Feb 11 – Saba

February 11th 2022

Few Good Things is the richly adorned and much anticipated third album from Chicago-born rapper Saba. Intrinsically connected to his roots, Saba’s largely collaborative record pushes for nostalgic pause and demands celebration of connection to place. An introspective deep dive, Few Good Things speaks to grief, ancestry, and the unanswerable nuances of self-doubt. Saba favours the playfulness of loose grooves, crackling vinyl textures, momentary sample-based climaxes and dreamy, prolonged moments of excess reverb. Treacly and tense in parts, often steeped in nostalgia, Saba’s Few Good Things is artfully self-produced. In his own words, “I never want to contribute to the noise of modern-day career. I want to be myself and do what I like and try to give people my authentic work and hope that that is enough.” Featuring tracks with Mereba, Black Thought, G Herbo and his fellow-Pivot Gang members, Saba renounces ownership and declares his record a shared story of humility.

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