Album of the week: April 30 – KUČKA

April 30th 2021

Experimental electronic-pop auteur KUČKA arrives with her debut full-length, Wrestling. Self-written, -produced and -recorded, KUČKA’s debut LP binds together autobiographical stories on love, growth and journeying, circling around an informative period of personal transition, spanning love, conflict, sexuality and maturity. The result is an honest, disarmingly intimate depiction of KUČKA’s lived experiences set to a thrilling suite of electronic tracks that meld the futuristic, saccharine sheen of pop and R&B with the complex musicality of her jazz and new age influences, all while harboring and cultivating a mesmerising weirdness at their very centre. Evoking early-90’s Björk, Wrestling takes on the deeply personal nature of its subject matter with an insular and introspective bed of sound, where textural layers melt into one another, unpredictably catchy melodies prove impossible to pin down and KUČKA’s distinctive, crystalline vocals veil themselves within the mix. Propelled by dark-hued bassline grooves, glitchy samples and detuned synth tones are stitched together in atmospheric, ASMR-like arrangements with fractured and delicate digital percussion programmed into wild, intricate patterns. KUČKA’s Wrestling is not the birth of some newfound popstar nor is it the stepping-out of a previously shadowy collaborator. Instead, it’s a revelation of KUČKA’s full scope and breadth as an artist – in total control of her craft, ahead of any curve, and taking her place amongst the most essential artists working in the margins of pop music today. 

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