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June 15th 2011

Our new Album of the Week is the second full length from Sydney band The Paper Scissors. FBi has grown up with The Paper Scissors, having played their demo’s and releases for years. We expected catchy, foot stomping tracks and the boys certainly deliver but we weren’t expecting such a sophisticated release. Their new offering welcomes more synths, effects and subtle flourishes that show the depth of a band that have a very bright future ahead. Beth caught up with frontman Jai Pyne to find out the inspirations behind our latest Album of the Week. We've also snagged a couple of sweet freebies for you…

FBi: You've done a lot of traveling since your last album – where was the most inspiring place you visited?

Jai: For me New York was the most inspiring. It's the centre of the universe in terms of what I (and I think I can somewhat speak for the other guys) value–in terms of art and music. And there's so much going on. I've also been to Indonesia a few times and it's pretty amazing, so close but so different. I think people just think of Bali when they think of Indo, but it's a fascinating country; the differences between the Muslim areas and the Hindu ones, the food, the sea, coconuts, the humidity. It just smells and looks so different. I basically just like going to places to eat. I'm trying to plan a trip to Europe, mainly to go and eat in Spain and other parts of southern Europe.

Xavier and Ivan both went overseas for the first time since we made our last album, Ivan went to Japan and Xav went to Mexico, they were both pretty inspired by their trips too.

Where was the least inspiring?

I think even if it's not inspiring that can be motivation for some sort of education. I think parts of America's culture are pretty fucked up – the processed foods and the shitty hotels, and just downright ignorance in terms of where things come from – whether it be food, or culture. But that is sort of fascinating and scary at the same time, so I think inspiration can come from strange places. I've been inspired to write songs out of a complete allergic reaction to how shit mainstream music can be, so sometimes there is that polarity.

What do you miss most about Sydney when you're on the road?

Friends, loved ones, my bed. I miss knowing where to get good coffee. It is a really pretty city. I like it when you fly back in to Sydney and you see the beaches or the harbour and the lights.

Quick! Describe In Loving Memory to us in 5 words.

Big, not ironic, sincere, loving.

Who has been the biggest influence on your sound for this record?

We were talking about this the other day. It has been such a long process making this album. I think constant things that we came back to for inspiration [were] TV On The Radio, particularly the Young Liars EP and Talking Heads' Remain In Light. We went through stages of listening to Phoenix a lot, Spoon, Yeasayer. Mostly new stuff. I think on our first album it was much more informed by old records and the stuff we listened to when we were growing up, but this album is more about experimenting and playing with the form and arrangements of songs. Less Talk was like an impersonator or a sign whereas In Loving Memory is an interpretation and an actual object, more tangible.

You're home now – where is your favour


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