Annual General Meeting 2021

November 11th 2021

Free Broadcast Incorporated (FBi Radio) will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 6:30pm on Wednesday 8 December 2021.


The AGM is the instrument through which members most actively influence the way FBi is managed.

At the AGM, members can hear our Management Committee and staff talk through the activities of FBi Radio for the past year, and recognise and celebrate the achievements of our volunteer base and community.

Importantly, the AGM sets broad station policy and elects the Management Committee who will represent the members in the ongoing management of the station.

In the current COVID-19 environment, the health and safety of our members, volunteers and staff is our absolute priority and so this year, the AGM will be held virtually, rather than in person.

Register to attend via Zoom:


  • The nature of the business proposed to be transacted at the AGM is as follows:
  • Opening, Quorum & Apologies
  • Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting to be accepted
  • Business Arising
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Programming Report
  • Election of Committee Members
  • Special Resolution: To introduce maximum term lengths for participating on the Management Committee. 
  • Other Business


Further details can be accessed at the links below.

2021 FBi AGM Nomination

FBi Radio AGM 2020 Minutes

FBi Radio Constitution

FBi Radio Annual Report FY21

FBi Radio AGM 2021 Special Resolution


Like a lot of community organisations around the country, FBi is a membership based, incorporated association which means that it is required to be governed by a Management Committee.

The Management Committee are volunteers elected by FBi Supporters each year at the Annual General Meeting. 

This year, the positions open for nomination are:

  • President (1 year casual vacancy)
  • Vice President (2 year casual vacancy)
  • 2 x Vice-President Youth (2 year term and 1 year casual vacancy)
  • Secretary (3 year term)
  • 2 x Ordinary Member (3 year term)
  • 1 x Ordinary Member (1 year casual vacancy term)

Where there is more than one applicant for each position open for nomination, there will be an election at the AGM for that position. Individuals may nominate for more than one position.

Only existing Financial Supporters, or ‘Members’, at the date of this notice are entitled to nominate for and run for the Management Committee, and vote at the AGM. New supporters who join or renew after this date are welcome to attend and participate in discussion. 

Nominees for committee membership and any submission of resolutions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to Tanya Ali at 14 days before the meeting – that is, by 6:30pm on Wednesday 24 November 2021.

In accordance with Clause 19 of FBi’s Constitution, nominations of candidates for committee election must be made in writing, signed by 2 financial supporters of FBi and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination).



Amy Solomon

It is an honour to nominate for President of FBi Radio.

I have passionately volunteered at FBi since 2008, as a frontliner, host of Arvos and Canvas, and for the last nine years as secretary on the Management Committee. In that time I have worked closely with many FBi volunteers and staff members on countless projects and initiatives and have always endeavoured to be a source of support and counsel to whoever has needed it. Most recently I’ve helped guide the station’s response to Covid and have worked collaboratively to oversee a number of important governance initiatives to improve transparency, diversity and inclusion, accountability and board renewal. I have done so with an unwavering commitment to FBi and its mission, and to support the extraordinary talent that is nurtured and celebrated on and off air.

Outside of FBi, I work in corporate and strategic communications, advising clients in relation to financial, corporate, regulatory and policy issues. I’ve previously worked as a lawyer and a producer at the ABC.

After consulting with many at FBi over recent months, I was encouraged to put my hat in the ring to be the second President in FBi’s history. I hope that by serving as President even briefly I can offer stability, stewardship and draw on my deep experience at the station to help shepherd FBi through a significant period of change and board renewal as we plan towards an exciting new future. I do so in acknowledgement of the responsibility that comes with holding this position, and the privilege it is to work alongside so many passionate and intelligent people as a member of this community.


Aden Mullens

I’m Aden Mullens of Dharawal country and currently the General Manager of Sydney-based independent record label etcetc. I’ve been involved professionally in the music industry for 20 years with experience spanning A&R, event planning, team management, business development, marketing and legal affairs. I’m passionate about diversity, equality and independence in our community; an ethos which has informed the roster of artists at etcetc and how we run the business at large. The industry experience I bring to the role supports my ability to pursue the mission and strategic action plan of FBi Radio, along with the exciting opportunity to work with a like-minded individuals in both the Management Committee and Working Groups.

Maia Bilyk

Within my tenure at FBi I’ve volunteered across multiple hats, from Programming Assistant and Acting Program Director, Music Content Coordinator and previously on staff as the Supporter Development Manager. Today I host Monday Mornings and For The Record, and have 1 year experience as Youth VP (current) working across special projects, community and programming working groups. I originally joined the MC to gain experience across governance and to better understand the structures that FBi Radio operates under, including an involvement in finalising the new Strategic Action Plan. I believe my unique position as volunteer, previous staff member and current member of the MC puts me in a one of a kind position that understands the make-up of the station across all aspects, and to ensure that more than anything the communities that FBi serves are accurately and authentically represented and supporting in the rollout of this upcoming plan, to continue to secure the bright and stable future as outlined in this plan. For this reason explicitly, I’d love to continue serving the MC as the Vice President, to give the space and mentorship for new members of the community to participate in the Youth VP positions.


Deepa Alam

My name is Deepa Alam and I’ve been a volunteer at FBi since 2016. I started off as a frontliner and music librarian, produced Wednesday Arvos for Darren Lesaguis, then jumped to the grid to host Wednesday Lunch, Bypass on Friday nights, and now host Saturday Sunset. On top of that I helped manage a handful of events for the station and around . Outside of the station I’m a DJ and events producer, co-running events, club night and DJ duo Honey Point as well as my own projects, plus roles at Picnic Touring & Events, Mushroom Music, and Surg FM. I also have admin experience with a current position in the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand operations team.

It’s been 5 years since I started volunteering at FBi Radio and I’ve seen it change so much in that time. I care so much for community radio and the people in it; particularly as FBi since is volunteer run, the people who make up this community are here because they want to be here and are devoting their time and labour, free of charge, and that has created a special ether that’s hard to encapsulate in words.

This new era of FBi Radio is an exciting time for volunteers, and I want to be a part of that change for the better and be a voice for other vols. I want to advocate for more effective and transparent communication channels between the management committee, staff, and volunteers, so vols can voice their concerns and grievances easily. Alongside this I want to help build processes that allow for quick action in response.

I also want to work closely with the committees actioning the Jumbunna recommendations to make sure we’re honouring our place in Redfern at a volunteer level. It’s really important to me that this role is as integrated into the new direction of the station as possible.


This position did not receive any eligible nominations by the deadline, and thus will be open for nominations at the Annual General Meeting. Any person 25 years old or under who was an active financial member of the station when the notice of AGM was sent out (Thursday 11 November 2021) will be able to nominate for this vacancy on the night. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this, please email


Ben John

I’m a 27 year old copyright and media lawyer from Sydney. I studied a combined Bachelor of Arts (Spanish and Latin American Studies) and Law at UNSW, graduating in 2019. I’ve been working full time at a copyright and media law firm since January 2020, working in copyright, defamation, media, intellectual property and privacy law.

Over the last two years I’ve been an FBi listener since I was a teenager because of the great music programming and the connections it facilitates between people who are passionate about arts and culture in Sydney. I have been a financial supporter since 2018. As a volunteer reporter on ‘Backchat’ I experienced first hand the benefits of the station’s independence through the editorial freedom that we were afforded in the stories that we chose and the way we chose to run them.

In the last few years working with various media organisations, I’ve also been able to contextualise the important role FBi Radio plays in providing a platform for young and diverse broadcasters, producers, reporters, musicians and artists to get a chance to be heard in an otherwise very restricted and commercially-focused media landscape. FBi Radio provides an important foundation for Sydney arts and culture. It would be a privilege to be able to contribute.


Aden Mullens – see above
Alice Newport

I have worked in the hospitality and community sectors for over 15 years, working in venues, events, marketing, grants, and community development. Kicking my career off in Perth working in venues, government, and with communities, I found a passion for curating positive experiences for people and working to ensure their voices are heard. In 2019 I moved to Sydney to take the role of Brand Specialist with Pernod Ricard, looking after our gin, agave and craft spirits portfolio. I am known internally for my drive for advocacy and my connections nationally across the hospitality industry. I am incredibly passionate about the hospitality industry, music, arts and building communities which drives my personal and professional lives. I am excited to bring this passion and experience to FBi Radio to drive the community focused strategic direction. Having worked in the arts and community sectors previously, I am excited to be able to bring my developed skills to a leadership and strategic role.

Angela Stengel

I’m currently heading up the ABC’s innovation team, Content Ideas Lab, and I have almost 20 years of experience in the media, across content production, digital transformation and strategy. I’ve produced radio, built websites and apps, made music, worked in museums and education, reported on sport and the arts. I got my start at FBi, building up my knowledge, experience and contacts through my involvement. I became a supporter before FBi went to air full-time, produced and then presented The Bridge: Sydney Retrospective, and also produced stories for Sunday Night At The Movies. I really care about FBi, what it means for Sydney music, arts and culture, and I want to see it have a strong future for many years to come. FBi’s new 3-year strategy aligns with my knowledge and expertise, particularly in thinking about the future of radio, so it’s time to give back.

Bart Denaro

I am Head of Content at MusicNSW, the peak music body in NSW. I was formerly Content Manager, Supporter Manager, Volunteer Manager and Office Manager at FBi Radio. I am 5⁄6 of the way through a post-grad law degree, I play in a few bands and have done for about 20 years, and I have a son and a daughter whose FBi indoctrination is coming along nicely thank you very much. I want to join the Management Committee because I feel like the post-pandemic era is going to be a formative one for FBi, one that’ll shape who we are for a long time. From the Jumbunna report forcing a reckoning within the station about the true nature of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to the change in the media landscape that has been accelerated by extended lockdowns, this is a time for taking bold steps and for reimagining what FBi can be. It is also a time of reawakening for live music in this city with the relaxing of regulations and the enthusiasm for coming together after so long apart. In this context, the opportunities for FBi Radio are great, and I wanna get my hands dirty. Ultimately, I love FBi, I love the people at FBi, I love the mission of FBi. I want to be a part of its future and I think my experience and understanding of the organisation make me a good fit.

Donny Janks

Hey, I’m Donny! I’m 27 years old, living in Enmore. I currently work in community youth education, as Head of Youth Education at Emanuel Synagogue (the biggest synagogue in Australia), and as a workshop facilitator at sex education company Elephant Ed. I do extensive freelance work in audio and music, especially audio engineering, foley and sound design. I also received my Ba in Sound Design and Music (Honours) from UTS across 2014-2019. I dabble in music production, DJing, and throwing the odd music event. I’ve been listening to FBi for the better part of the last decade, and volunteering since March 2021. I have a lot of experience in executive roles, especially working specifically with subsets of communities and working closely with volunteer teams. The FBi Strategy over the next 3 years resonates with me, and I am excited to see the station I love commit to growing in these directions. I’m a compassionate creative operator, I pride myself on my communication and interpersonal skills, I have plenty of experience working with volunteers, in not-for-profit operation, and I firmly align with FBi’s strategy and commitment to anti-racism and equity. I want to use my skills, experience and drive to cover the background work so that others can thrive at the forefront.

Gavin Robertson

I was born in Edinburgh, but moved to Sydney in 2006 and have lived here since. I’m an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by training, starting my career at the BBC. These days I make a living as a Project Manager in Data and Analytics for financial and government organisations. I live in Balmain, and have been an FBi member since 2015. I want to help keep the ethos and community of FBi alive and well so that it can continue into the future. I’ve got skills and talents which I think will help do that. FBi provides so much to the Greater Sydney community, from a platform for alternative views and music to an entry point and training ground for people who want to get into the industry. I’d very much like to be able to help keep those traditions going. I also bring twenty years of experience working in operational, technical and technical management roles in the broadcasting industry, installing, operating and maintaining broadcast technical equipment, working on live TV and radio productions.

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat

I have been in community radio for over ten years – as a volunteer presenter at FBi Radio and 2ser, and for the last five years at the Community Broadcasting Association of Austalia (CBAA). The CBAA is the peak body for community radio in Australia, and I have held roles in membership, marketing and Government relations – and now am the Head of Advocacy and Communications. I love Sydney arts and culture – and am also a poet, DJ and part of a musical/spoken word duo. FBi Radio has been an important part of my life since she was 16. And community radio is a very important part of my life! I strongly feel that music, arts and culture has a transformative experience – which I know personally, and see in my professional life. My professional experience working directly to support community radio stations has equipped me with a strong understanding of governance and building communities – knowledge that I want to offer to build FBi’s strength in line with its strategic plan.

Krystel Diola

My professional experience in the music industry spans over 13 years working across
multiple sectors including label management, artist consultation, radio (FBi and Double J), promotion, content platform, events, publicity and now working in programming, partnerships and publicity at Electronic Music Conference. Over the years, I have built meaningful relationships with key stakeholders that make up a thriving music economy, most especially championing marginalised sectors and grassroots communities with a deep passion and focus on elevating so-called Australian artists on the global map. Having first hand experience on the inner workings of FBi Radio gratefully landing two Sunset shows, in addition to sitting on numerous Souled Out shows as per request by Stephen Ferris, I believe FBi Radio has accomplished groundbreaking momentum for our burgeoning music culture. I believe my experience and expertise will provide key insight as a woman of colour, negotiating spaces of identity politics in our media and music landscape will be advantageous to the very exciting direction FBi Radio is heading. Change is coming. FBi is a conduit for these social and cultural changes that reflect the very DNA of Sydney and beyond. To be a part of a team that can impress such changes on youth culture, is why I would love to be involved.

Manoli Politis

I am a born and bred Sydneysider, and raised by music (specifically hip hop, in my case). I am the co-founder of Butter – Sydney’s palace of fried chicken, champagne, sneakers and hip hop. On a day to day basis I am the CEO and CMO (chief mischief officer) of this business – overseeing everything we do and always pushing the team to do more. I am an accountant by degree – B.Business from UTS majoring in Accounting and International Business, and I spent 9 years at Deloitte in their Risk Management and Business Process Improvement division, which was only a very new division when I started. Like FBi, I have created my business in Sydney – and we aren’t leaving Sydney anytime soon! I believe Sydney is capable of big things, we just need to work out how to come together better and work as a team. I spend a significant amount of time every week talking to people from different ways of life from throughout Sydney, from state govt employees, to creatives in music, fashion and art, to business owners, personnel in council. I guess I am looking for like minded people to help achieve one of my goals of unifying Sydney and working together to be the best city we can be. Whether that is through outreach programs and events, networking or brand alignments, the list is endless!

Michael Dagostino

I have over 25 years of experience in the contemporary arts sector. Within the last 15 years, I have had many leadership roles, including being the inaugural Director of the Parramatta Artists Studios, where I developed an innovative hub for emerging artists. In 2011, I became the Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre, a flagship cultural venue for contemporary multi-disciplinary art. I currently sit on the boards of Sydney Writers’ Festival, Accessible Arts, Sydney Culture Network and Create NSW. I heart FBi Radio and everything it does. My personal experience provides a deep understanding of diasporic communities, informing diverse programs across Campbelltown Arts Centre and Western Sydney more broadly. We create a place where everyone is welcome and respected, where we can see ourselves in the programs and staff structure, where communities lead the thinking and believe that creativity can change lives. I have a diverse skill set, knowledge and networks that I will use to grow FBi Radio while caring for the community it serves.

Miguel D’Souza

I am a journalist, investigator and trainer and am currently Google News Teaching Fellow for 2020-22. I began my media career as a radio volunteer at Sydney’s 2SER-FM, starting the influential Sydney’s hip-hop show, The Mothership Connection at the beginning of the 1990s, and writing about the growing music and street culture. I started working on the Internet in the mid-90s, working for Seven, News Corp, SBS before establishing a multimedia unit at AAP, working in live news delivery, editorial systems and training and eventually open source investigations (OSINT). I have 13 years as a community radio volunteer and employee. In addition I have worked for around 20 years in editorial leadership and management roles in commercial media. I’ve also been a DJ and record collector all my life, though this is only peripheral relevant experience. I currently work as Google’s News Teaching Fellow, a role which involves training journalists in the use of digital research and publishing tools. I am also currently on the board of the Marrickville Youth Resource Centre, a position I commenced in 2021.

Mike Clay

I am the Executive Producer of current affairs and comedy show The Feed on SBS TV and digital platforms, where I led a data-driven strategic transformation that doubled ratings, boosted digital audiences by 10x and won 10 major awards in three years. A journalist with 10+ years experience, I have board experience as a graduate of the Observership Program. I volunteer on the Fundraising Sub-Committee for the charity Support Act and will graduate with an MBA in 2022. FBi Radio has been instrumental in creating the kind of Sydney that I want to live in. As a long-time listener and Redfern local, I’ve always been in awe of the talented team of broadcasters and volunteers. I’d love to contribute what I know about digital strategy and content platforms as the station evolves from an FM radio outlet to a true digital provider.

Natalia Newling

I’ve been volunteering and working in radio since 2014 when I first started at FBi as an Allnighter. I’ve worked across a variety of programs (The Bridge, Thursday Sunset, Thump) and now host my own speciality show ‘Spoil’ on Thursday Evenings. As it does for so many of us, FBi Radio helped me to solidify my love for radio, and I went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Radio (AFTRS). I currently work at the ABC as a Producer (triple j Drive), as well as occasionally backfilling various production roles at both triple j and Rage. Outside of these roles, In addition to this, I co-founded booking & events agency NECTAR. I’m incredibly fortunate to have a paid career in radio, and I feel that being a member of the FBi Radio Management Committee is a way for me to give back to the station and community that very much helped get me to the place I am now. Having volunteered 8+ years of my time to FBi Radio, I’m very aware of how much of a positive force the station can be when staff and volunteers are able to rely on a Management Committee that reflects the best interests and motivations of the station. FBi is in a period of extremely positive change, and I would love to be a part of a Management Committee that respects that and is able to support staff in their work to make FBi a radio station that truly reflects and supports the diverse community it broadcasts to.

Raphael Brasil

I am a DJ, cultural agitator, occasional journalist and radio host, founder and curator of Mixagi Collective and resident DJ at Afrobrasiliana Soundsystem. As Creative Producer at Settlements Services International (SSI) I am responsible for managing and delivering all programming and operational aspects of the Arts and Culture Program’s suite of festival and cultural events. For the past fifteen years, I have been working with events, radio broadcasting and music as a producer, journalist and music curator . As a result, I have built a vast network of contacts in the music industry and solid experience in creating, producing and promoting events, festivals and interdisciplinary projects where music plays an important role. My experience as a journalist and radio producer at SBS and Eastside Radio has also played an important role in my exposure to working with music artists in Australia. I believe that FBi Radio has an incredible potential to keep building a safe, productive and prominent environment around the multifaceted arts and culture sector in this city. As a migrant, I am particularly interested in sharing my expertise, living and professional experience around diversity in the arts and connecting audiences and communities to the station.

Rochelle Amys

Rochelle is a 26-year-old Senior Management Consultant at EY, who is also an admitted lawyer to the Supreme Court of NSW. She has experience leading strategy, budgeting and project management on small and large scale projects with C-suite clients. Rochelle has a passion for music, the arts and culture, having studied radio at university as part of her Bachelor of Arts – Media and Bachelor of Laws degree. Rochelle has volunteered at 2SER as a radio broadcaster, and at FBi as a producer for Lucy Smith’s breakfast show. She has also worked at Nova radio station and has volunteered at music festivals. Rochelle is an enthusiastic, organised and motivated individual. She loves to be part of a team and to offer her expertise (as well as a pun or two!) Rochelle values diversity and inclusion and demonstrates this through her volunteer work as a mentor for Youth Off the Streets. Being an FBi Management Committee Member is the perfect role for Rochelle – it combines her professional skills, creative passions and value for diversity.

Tanita Razaghi

Tanita Razaghi is a presenter on Wednesday Lunch at FBi Radio and an associate producer of Backchat – FBi Radio’s flagship news and politics show. With over seven years of experience across government, arts and non-for-profit sectors, Tanita has worked within various cultural and linguistically diverse communities of Sydney, amplifying these experiences and voices. Tanita’s journey began when she studied International Relations, Communications and Social and Cultural Analysis at Western Sydney University. Since then she has worked alongside The Guardian, Community Media Training Organisation, Department of Communities and Justice, ChangeFest, AYCC and NSW Education Program on FGM.


Aden Mullens – see bio above
Alice Newport – see bio above
Donny Janks – see bio above
Gavin Robertson – see bio above
Holly Friedlander Liddicoat – see bio above
Jack McCormack

My name is Jack McCormack, and I am nineteen years-old currently in my first year at the Australian Institute of Music completing my Bachelor of Entertainment Management. I am also working as an A&R Manager at AIM’s own indie label 2030 Records, where I am always tuning into FBi to keep a lookout for emerging local acts. I feel as though my goals strongly coincide with FBi’s upcoming three year strategy as I believe Australia’s music industry can become a net exporter within the next decade, highlighting First Nations music as well as our sick indie scene. With organisations such as Ausmusic T-Shirt Day and more wellness-focused organisations such as Support Act already gaining traction, the parts are in place for FBi to further progress these movements. I wish for myself to be a part of that as much as possible. As I’ve been looking to expand my horizons, learn and give back to the music industry, I have been interested in volunteering at FBi in any capacity for some time now. I also deeply wish to change many of the industry norms surrounding sexism and misogyny, and I wish to do everything I can to progress our industry away from the toxic boys club it has always been when it is my generations’ turn to lead the industry.

Meg Williams

I’m an experienced industry leader and manager with over 15 years in the music industry and now in a space of public policy, philanthropic engagement and thought leadership to support the arts, culture and creative industries. My previous management experience is across labels, artists, festivals and not for profit arts organisations – predominantly working with innovative and independent music. I’m currently running a not for profit organisation looking at public policy for arts and culture in Australia, this puts me at an interesting intersection of change and resource at Federal policy and philanthropic level. I am currently on a two year casual vacancy for an ordinary member position on the FBi Management Committee. In the two years I’ve helped develop a renewal process for the Management Committee, secure an additional youth position on the committee, contributed to the strategic action plan and helped update the governance structures around the Management Committee. I’m standing for a one year casual vacancy to help the transitions of these processes to be able to ensure stability for staff and FBi supporters in this time of change.

Miguel D’Souza – see bio above

Read about the FBi Management Committee Position Descriptions here.

See the FBi Management Committee Terms of Reference here.


This year we have had an incredible response to our callout for people to register their interest in running for the Management Committee. 

As there are a limited number of positions on the Management Committee up for election, we encourage anyone interested to also consider lending their skills and experience by becoming involved in the implementation of our Strategic Action Plan by joining one of our Working Groups. 

What are FBi Working Groups?

Working Groups provide oversight on each of the areas of focus by:

  • Identifying how actions are prioritised and how projects are resourced.
  • Making resource and funding requests to the Management Committee.

Each Working Group will have a minimum of:

  • One Management Committee member,
  • Two Staff members, and
  • Two active volunteers.

The new Working Group structure allows for:

  • Greater accountability to volunteers / members on progress in strategic areas,
  • Opportunities for volunteers to contribute their skills beyond program-making,
  • More rigorous governance and process around FBi’s key objectives, and
  • Full transparency of Management Committee activity to staff, volunteers and members.

The 5 Working Groups and their areas of focus are:


  • Audience Development 
  • Outreach Programs & Events 
  • Volunteer Diversity
  • Values


  • Music Diversity 
  • Program Diversity
  • Content Development 
  • Advocacy


  • Sponsorship 
  • Membership 
  • Philanthropy 
  • Grants & Funding


  • Multi-platform Production 
  • Website
  • Premises


  • Organisational Capacity 
  • Board Processes 
  • Partner Alignments 
  • Transparency


In the next three years we’re looking at new avenues for people to engage and interact with FBi, new placemaking across digital and physical spaces, new opportunities for arts and culture to be shared, and building a safe and equitable station for all young people across the city. 

As our city opens back up, we’re excited about the role that FBi Radio can play in reinvigorating the community and rebuilding the city with opportunities to connect, share and create. We want FBi to be central to Sydney’s comeback. 

If you join the Management Committee or one of our Working Groups you’ll help us achieve our three year Strategy.

Participation in our Working Groups is not elected at the Annual General Meeting. 

We’re looking for:

  • Emerging and established thought leaders and compassionate creative operators, 
  • Clear and conscious communicators with excellent interpersonal skills,
  • Collaborative and non-territorial individuals who are able to work in flexible environments both autonomously and with a diverse range of people, including volunteers,
  • People who have skills or experience in one or more of the following areas: broadcast, not-for-profit operation, arts administration, business or financial management, digital environments, music, art or culture industries more broadly, strategy and legal expertise.
  • People who align with FBi’s strategy for the next three years, with a strong commitment to anti-racism and equity in practice.

FBi Radio strongly encourages nominations and expressions of interest from First Nations peoples, and people of all ethnicities, genders, orientations and abilities.


On Monday 15 November 2021 at 6pm, FBi will be holding a virtual information session for those interested in finding about more about joining the Management Committee and Working Groups.

Please register attendance at this link:


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