Annual General Meeting 2020

November 24th 2020

Free Broadcast Incorporated (FBi Radio) will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 6:30pm on Tuesday 15 December 2020.

What is the AGM?

The AGM is the instrument through which members most actively influence the way FBi is managed.
At the AGM, members can hear our Management Committee and staff talk through the activities of FBi Radio for the past year, and recognise and celebrate the achievements of our volunteer base and community.
Importantly, the AGM sets broad station policy and elects the Management Committee who will represent the members in the ongoing management of the station.

2020 AGM Details

In the current COVID-19 environment, the health and safety of our members, volunteers and staff is our absolute priority and so this year, the AGM will be held virtually, rather than in person.

Register to attend via Zoom:


The nature of the business proposed to be transacted at the AGM is as follows:
Opening, Quorum & Apologies
Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting to be accepted
Business Arising
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Programming Report
Election of Committee Members
Special Resolution
Other Business



Responsibilities and Accountabilities of Committee Members

As FBi is an Incorporated Association, we have legal and financial obligations under the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW) which are borne by the Committee of Management.

Also referred to within the station as Board Members or Directors, members of the Committee of Management effectively have the same accountabilities as directors under the Corporations Law. This means they are accountable for the management of members’ resources and all financial decisions. These responsibilities include managing the business on behalf of Members and bearing the risk of secured liabilities should anything happen to the Association.

The Committee of Management is elected by members to set broad business and management policy and to oversee the affairs of the Association. As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on all Committee Members to be dedicated to their role, and make significant contributions to the activities of the Management Committee.

Committee Members are required to provide legal, accounting, engineering, HR, IR, IT, commercial, regulatory and other critical advice and support that FBi needs.
Committee Members have the opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to FBi Radio and the communities that we serve, while gaining deep experience in a not-for-profit environment.
Working alongside FBi Radio staff and volunteers, key responsibilities include:

Determining, reviewing and maintaining the vision, purpose and values of the organisation
Approval of short and long-term strategies
Approval of annual budgets
Approval of expenditure over pre-specified limits
Appointment, performance evaluation and (if the circumstances necessitate) termination of the employment contract of the Managing Director
Risk oversight
Providing a check on the integrity of external financial and non-financial reports

Supporting effective engagement with key stakeholders

Key accountabilities include:

Regular attendance at monthly board meetings
Meeting and contributing towards annual fundraising targets
Volunteering on working groups and sub-committees to assist the station management with revenue growth, membership development, technical, regulatory and risk management
Providing advice and support to staff

Specific skills we are seeking in 2020

This year we are specifically seeking applicants with particular skills, which will be critical for FBi Radio as we look to grow our way back from the ongoing impact of COVID-19.
These skills are:

New revenue generation
Digital media
Management consulting; or
Sponsorship and brand partnerships

Nominations have now closed

Nominees for committee membership and any submission of resolutions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to the Managing Director of FBi Radio 14 days before the meeting – that is, by 6:30pm on Tuesday 1 December 2020. Contact details are below.

In accordance with Clause 19 of FBi’s Constitution, nominations of candidates for committee election must be made in writing, signed by 2 financial supporters of FBi and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination).
We also request that candidates provide an outline of their interest in running for the FBi Committee, and a short biography of their professional skills and experience.

This year, are 4 positions open for nomination:

Vice President
Vice-President – Youth (2 year term)
1 x Ordinary Member (3 year term)

If there is more than one applicant for each position open for nomination, there will be an election at the AGM for that position.
Only existing Financial Supporters, or ‘Members’, at the date of this notice are entitled to vote at the AGM. New supporters who join or renew after this date are welcome to attend and participate in discussion.

2020 Nominees:


James Smith (unopposed)

Vice President:

Max Shand (unopposed)

Vice President – Youth:

Maia Bilyk

Georgia Zentrich

Ordinary Member:

Angud Chawla

Georgia Zentrich


Special Resolution

This year the Management Committee will put forward a Special Resolution to update the FBi Radio Constitution to reflect proposed changes to the Board’s Youth Vice President Position.

This involves the creation of a second Youth position, and the retitling of the two Youth roles into Senior Youth Vice President and Junior Youth Vice President. The changes have been put forward unanimously by the Management Committee of FBi Radio, in consultation with former Youth Vice Presidents, and current staff and volunteers. with the ambition of securing more youth voices on the board. The proposed changes mean each year a new Youth VP is elected, that elected person serves one year as junior Youth Vice President and then automatically moves into the senior Youth Vice President in their second year.

Further detail can be accessed at the links below.

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If you have questions regarding any aspect of the upcoming AGM please email FBi Radio’s Managing Director Nikki Brogan,




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