Annual General Meeting 2017


7 November 2017

Free Broadcast Incorporated (FBi Radio) will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 6:30pm on Wednesday 29th November, 2017 at FBi Radio, 44-54 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015.

The AGM is the instrument through which members most actively influence the way FBi is managed. The AGM sets broad station policy and elects the Committee who will represent the members in the ongoing management of the station.

The nature of the business proposed to be transacted at the AGM is as follows;
Opening, Quorum & Apologies
Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
Business Arising
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Election of Committee Members
Other Business

Nominees for committee membership and any submission of resolutions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to the Managing Director of FBi Radio 14 days before the meeting (that is, by 6:30pm 15th November 2017).

In accordance with Clause 19 of FBi’s Constitution, nominations of candidates for committee election must be made in writing, signed by 2 financial supporters of FBi and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination).

The nomination form and proxy form can be found below.

There are 4 positions open for nomination:
Vice President
Ordinary Member
Ordinary Member

Only existing Financial Supporters at the date of this notice are entitled to vote at the AGM. New supporters who join or renew after this date are welcome to attend and participate in discussion.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the upcoming AGM please email FBi Radio’s Managing Director Clare Holland,

To view the below documents, please head to

2017 FBi AGM- Nomination for FBi Committee
2017 FBi AGM Proxy
FBi Radio FY16 AGM minutes
FBi Radio Constitution- Updated December 2016
FBi Radio Annual Report FY17

Details of candidates for Ordinary Member position below:


Richard is the founder and now Non-Executive Director of Young Henrys. He has been responsible for the co-creation of the overall brand and marketing direction, production, partnerships, and financial management of the company. Young Henrys has been heavily involved in supporting Sydney’s music and arts scene.  This has taken many forms, from running large scale music festivals to direct patronage and sponsorship. The company has also formed partnerships with Tedx Sydney, The Sydney Symphony Orchestra, MCA, The Art Gallery of NSW, Underbelly Arts, and the National Live Music Awards amongst many others.   

Richard’s experience also includes Volunteer and Not for Profit Organizations: board membership of the Newtown Precinct Business Association for 4 years, coordinating the Newtown Liquor Accord for 2 years and holding the Vice President’s role for the newly formed Inner West Brewers Association. Through this Richard as contributed forums and meetings, and lobbied at Local Council and State level on many issues. The most relevant to this Organisation would be protecting and developing Sydney’s Night Life and Live Music.

Richard has been a financial member of FBI for 10 years and believes it holds as essential place in fostering the Sydney (and Australian) music and arts scene. He believes his experience can help guide FBi with it’s fundraising, community engagement and regulatory challenges.



I’m a musician, lawyer and technology specialist with a long history of involvement with the Sydney music scene.

I’ve been a listener since the launch of the station in 2003, and still remember going to the early fundraising gigs as a teenager!  As a muso FBi has played a huge role in my life – consistently supporting my music whether it be as part of Decoder Ring, Sydney hip-hop group Bingethinkers or solo and other projects. Thats the main reason I am passionate about my role in serving on the board – to make sure FBi is in the best shape to be able to provide the kind of platform that I was so lucky to have for future generations of Sydney’s musicians, broadcasters and volunteers.    

I’ve served on the FBi board for the past 3 years but this is first time I’ve actually gone up for election. I started as an observer for a year in 2015 through the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and was then asked by the board to continue on as a co-opted member. They recognised I brought a rare mix –  a real knowledge of FBi’s legal and fiduciary duties and responsibilities balanced with an understanding of the station culture and the important role FBi plays in Sydney’s cultural fabric.

I have the great privilege and responsibility of doing a bunch of pro bono legal work for FBi. Some recent work includes negotiating our commercial partnerships with partners like Nike and VB. I make sure these deals are great for the station, but also fair for the artists and FBi talent.

I also head up the Technology Subcommittee which is a particularly important role in the current period of major technological change in the radio and music industries. I make sure the board is properly informed to make the right strategic decisions about technologies like DAB+, streaming services, podcasting, and third party online platforms and this requires a lot of research and hard work but its something I love doing, and that the FBi board and management really benefits from.

We also recently decided to move our membership database to make sure that we didn’t lose the members that the station staff and volunteers work so hard to get. This recent change is having real financial impacts which means FBI is in a better position than ever to keep being the best radio station in this city, and one I’m proud to be a part of it.

I’d love the opportunity to become a fully elected member so I can keep making these kinds of contributions for the station.



I’m Adam Lewis, and I’m a music kid from Newtown.

Falling in love with amazing music and art, and sharing it with people, has always been my passion, and I’ve been doing it in various ways for over ten years now. I’ve been privileged to book a bunch of venues and festivals, put on parties and shows around Sydney, and work with all kinds of magazines, labels, and artists.

FBi was the first music community I became deeply involved with, and continues to be a place that’s incredibly important to me. Since starting as a broadcaster twelve years ago, I’ve hosted a number of shows and worked with volunteers and staff throughout the station. For the last three years, I’ve contributed to FBi as a board member.

I currently work for Amazon, helping to program their music services, and I oversee the music lineup for Secret Garden Festival. Both jobs give me a great insight into live events and streaming, two worlds that are increasingly significant to FBi and our music culture as a whole. As a board member, I can assist with live events that celebrate Sydney music arts and culture, and raise important funds for the station. My immersion in the streaming music world also means I’ll be able to offer insights into the way the music landscape is evolving.

The community that surrounds FBi has taught me so much, and nurtured so many incredible people who’ve made a big difference to Sydney and beyond. I’d be honoured to continue my work on the FBi Board, and to continue to support this amazing culture.