Aldous Harding: “I Mean It. I Mean Every Word of It.”

May 23rd 2017


  • Aldous Harding :: Interview with Caroline Gates


New Zealand’s Aldous Harding spoke with Caroline Gates on the eve of the release of her new album Party to talk about staring down a busy tour schedule, starting work on album number three, and getting compared to Peter Gabriel.

I’m a Kiwi, so I have trouble saying things like ‘proud’ and ‘excited’… If I do say them I feel like I’ve got to quickly scramble for the words back… I’ll just say it, because I feel proud of everyone and I feel proud of me and my manager being able to pull it all together and get it done… and I guess I’m proud of myself. But lots of people make good records you know.

They delve into Harding’s approach to life on tour, given that she has more than 60 shows lined up between now and November.

I just hope my body can hold out… In terms of my mental state I feel like I can handle anything at this stage. I just really don’t want to get a cold… My manager puts together a bag of lotions and potions that I never take and end up selling on the street so I can buy ciggies, haha.

In the meantime, Harding is already working on her next album.

It’s kind of addictive, having a body of songs in your bag. So I’m just writing, and I’m excited for Party, but at the same time I’m obsessing over how I’m going to approach the next one.


Listen to the full interview above. Party is out now via 4AD/ Remote Control Records.



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