Activism :: Protest for Ai Weiwei

June 21st 2011


In early April this year, the radical (and immensely talented) Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was detained by police at Beijing airport, after attempting to board a flight to Hong Kong. It has been 79 days since his disappearance and information remains scant. Global calls for the artist’s release have thus far fallen on deaf ears. There remain no concrete charges, although Chinese police have cited obscenity, failure to complete appropriate documentation to leave the country in the first place, and tax evasion as justification for Ai’s extended detainment.

An international movement has sprung up among creative communities in support of Ai, who represents for many the artist’s role as social provocateur and critic of censorship. Currently, an open letter is beingdrafted by the Australian creative community, calling for Ai’s release. A copy of the letter can be viewed here. In addition to this letter, an event is being held to highlight the unlawful detention, raising awareness and calling for the support of Australians. The protest will be an important opportunity to demonstrate solidarity with Ai, and to join the international movement of his supporters in demanding his safe release.

What: Protest for Ai Weiwei

Where: Chinese Consulate, 39 Dunblane Street Camperdown (near RPA hospital)

When: Thursday, June 23rd, 11am – 2pm

How much: Price of freedom yo


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