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Album Of The Week: May 13 – Holly Herndon

PROTO, the spectacular third studio album from experimental composer Holly Herndon, is a bold and curiously beautiful step into the future. Combining […]

Interview: Holly Herndon on ‘PROTO’ and averting dystopia in the Protocol Era

PROTO is Holly Herndon’s breathtaking 3rd album, made in collaboration with an AI developed by Herndon herself. Here, she takes us thru the blurred lines of its artistic provenance.

Album Of The Week: May 18 – Holly Herndon

Making her label debut on the legendary 4AD, Holly Herndon returns with her second album, Platform. A truly experimental take on pop music, […]

FBi Radio Presents: Unsound Festival

Wondering when someone is finally going to bring Holly Herndon to Australia? Wellllll….

2015 Yearbook: FBi‘s Most Played Artists

Out of the top one hundred, this list boasts 39 talented artists from Sydney and 64 from Australia something we are incredibly proud of. Love your locals!