Listen :: Canvas talks queer arts with Justin Shoulder, Anna Helme & Hissy Fit

Canvas celebrated Daddy’s Day on Sunday by hosting a panel discussion about queer screens, bodies and politics. Listen back to the conversation between Justin Shoulder, Hissy Fit and Anna Helme.

The Laugh Stand Q&A with Andrew Wolfe, Emma Zammit, Suren Jayemanne and Alexei Toliopoulos

Four local comics confess their dreams of the perfect gig ahead of their performances at The Laugh Stand this Thursday…

Listen :: The Wires Project’s Brianna Cowlishaw live on Canvas

Local improv artist Briana Cowlishaw performed an on-the spot reaction to a painting done by one of our Canvas producers, live on air. Listen to the full interview and hear what happens when you put Briana in a studio with a loop pedal, amp and a piece of art…

Interview :: Newtown High School’s Poppy and LJ with Jack Shit

Jack Shit spoke to the Newtown High students who happily sent Tony Abbott spinning into an awkward tizz, filmed it and racked up over 450,000 views on Youtube. Just announced: the students will be joining A Rational Fear LIVE this Friday night!

Interview :: Dave Carter (TrackSuits)

Local animator Dave Carter was born profoundly deaf, yet he can ‘feel’ music enough to make videos for local bands, and program an hour of live radio with TrackSuits. Hear/read the amazing interview…

Framed :: Alex Pye

‘Framed’ is the Flog’s new fortnightly matchmaker, introducing you to potential new art loves like eHarmony on crack. This week, we rekindle an old FBi flame with Alex Pye…

Dane Hiser on Girls Gone Mild

Comedian Dane Hiser joins Girls Gone Mild to discuss playground romances and the pivotal indicators that determine whether or not you’re in a relationship.

Interview :: Phoebe Rathmell

From beautiful awkwardness to stalking John Cage. Artist Phoebe Rathmell explores silence in her current exhibition NOTHING HEAR, but we managed to get a word or two out of her.

Listen: Smith Or Speare? on Girls Gone Mild

FBi Radio’s music director Stephen Goodhew teams up with George Banders from Bell Shakespeare as they are quizzed lines from Will Smith songs and works of William Shakespeare. Which Will will it be? Reckon you can tell the difference?

Listen: Wooing With Wise Guys – Cameron James

As the weekend draws near, its time to get in the mood for romance. Listen to Girls Gone Mild as they are joined by funny man Cameron James to talk popping the big question.