Kimchi Princi & Slim Set flip Switch upside down

Slim Set and Kimchi Princi bottle their live energy into a mix for Switch, where the MCs let loose over eclectic hard-hitting beats. You might even get a taste for a few of their new tunes, due out very soon.

Unknown Associates take Motorik to the dark side with new mix

Motorik invited the Unknown Associates gang to their show for an hour of twisted techno and house, showing off some of the acts from their own roster along with their new single “Free Your Mind”.

Detroit legend Rick Wilhite spins some soothing house for Picnic

Detroit house legend Rick Wilhite has been a part of the music industry for over 20 years now. He christened Picnic’s first FBi Radio show with a crate of diverse, era-bending house and disco tracks.

Bounce around to Carpainter’s energetic mix for Sidechains

Japanese producer Carpainter popped into Sidechains for a guest mix featuring pumping beats, dense chords and lots of energy!

GL Get Groovy On The Midday Mix

If you’re in the mood for an hour of the finest disco, soul and funk grooves, then look no further than GL’s Midday Mix.

Young gun Ninajirachi delivers a loaded mix for Purple Sneakers

In this mix for Purple Sneakers, Ninajirachi, talented producer and soon to be high school graduate, explores the artists and concepts that shape her bouncy chord-driven production.

Joe Goddard glows with this sunny disco mix

In celebration of his new solo record, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip, The 2 Bears) gifted us with an exclusive one-hour mix full of deliciously uplifting, disco-tinged house.

Sink into Statue’s mix for Body Promise

Listen to a Statue’s hypnotic mix of house and techno on Body Promise

Hear Stratton’s hedonistic house mix for Pure Space

UK producer Stratton gifted us with an hour-long mix of decadent, arms-in-the-air house music.

Listen to Josef Leimberg’s exclusive mix of jazz & instrumental hip hop

Having collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Funkadelic, Busdriver and Kendrick Lamar, we’re super excited to share this exclusive mix of jazz and instrumental hip hop by Josef Leimberg.