Mogwai on the early days, working with Leonardo DiCaprio and album number nine

Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchinson from Scottish post-rock band Mogwai chat teen influences, ‘Every Country’s Sun’ and how they came to work on Leonardo DiCaprio’s doco.

book club

Turning the page on two years of FBi‘s Book Club

In two years, we’ve featured works by 13 women and 10 men; 15 novels, four works of non-fiction, three short story collections, and one book of poetry.

party dozen

Party Dozen chat swapping instruments, gender neutrality & bleeding gums on Dead Air

Party Dozen is the sonic partnership between Jonathon Boulet & Kirsty Tickle. The duo chat women in music, bleeding gums and musical influences with Dean Crowe & Alice Gifford.


Review: Dark Mofo & Silence

Dark Mofo calls us to shut our mouths, even if just for a moment, and listen. Jess Hamilton explores ‘silence’, the theme of this year’s festival.

Phoenix Interview: Christian Mazzalai on writing new chapters & life in Paris

Up For It’s Lucy Smith phoned guitarist Christian Mazzalai for the lowdown on what went into making their sixth studio album ‘Ti Amo’.

Kirin J. Callinan: “It’s full of so many ideas that it’s confusing even for me”

Letting us in on the creative process behind new album ‘Bravado’, Kirin J. Callinan dished up his top tips for making friends and premiered a new track.


Track Premiere: Cody Munro Moore ‘No Matter How Hard’

Cody Munro Moore is back! Premiering the first single from his debut album on Arvos, ‘No Matter How Hard’ is a certified motivational banger.

Emma Davis

Emma Davis Plays ‘Getting Better’ Live & Talks Through Her Return to Songwriting

Chatting with Lachlan Wylie on The Bridge, the London-born, Sydney-based singer songwriter lets us in on her new sound, new album and a love of Gippsland dairy.

Backchat Discusses: What to think about Finkel

The Finkel Review into Australia’s clean energy policy is not likely to make our climate that much Fin-cooler. Backchat spoke to clean energy analytics & communications consultant Ketan Joshi, about why this topic is at a gridlock.

Perfume Genius on trying really hard

Caroline Gates caught up with Perfume Genius to talk about his hopes for fourth album No Shape, pleasing his parents and the fear of being basic.