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September 6th 2016


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Up and Atom brings you the latest breakthroughs and discoveries in the ever-changing world of science.

Sometimes weird, sometimes confronting, always informative, come learn about the world around. Hosted by Dr Alice Williamson (@all_isee), University of Sydney lecturer and researcher for Open Source Malaria, each week on Up For It with Lucy Smith.


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Wirelessly Allowing Paralysed Monkeys to Walk Again and the Robot Changing the Future of Cataract Surgery

Researchers have used a brain implant to allow paralysed monkeys to walk again by wirelessly bypassing the damaged section of the spine. Plus: the robot that is set to revolutionise eye surgery.

The Thorny Devil Can't Drink Water and Spinach Could be a Bomb Detector

Researchers from the University of Western Australia looked closer at how Thorny Devils absorb water without using their mouth. Meanwhile at MIT, spinach and nanotechnology have been combined to create natural bomb detectors.

Higgs Bison Discovered and Tasmanian Devils Could Cure Golden Staph

Scientists have discovered an ancient species of bison that match some cave paintings from 30,000 years ago. Researchers have discovered that Tasmanian Devils’ milk is able to prevent fungal infections and believe that they may be able to be used to prevent golden staph and other superbugs on humans.

A Baby With Three Biological Parents and a Fun Way to Pass Kidney Stones

The world’s first baby to be born from a new procedure that combines the DNA of three people appears to be healthy, according to doctors in the US who oversaw the treatment. A new exciting discovery in kidney stone research! A study had shown that that rollercoasters may be able to help people pass kidney stones.

An Atrial Fibrillation Prevention App and Aboriginal Australians are Direct Descendants of the First People to Inhabit the Continent

Atrial fibrillation is the cause for up to a third of all strokes. Now there is a smartphone app that detects abnormalities in heart rhythm and can alert you if you have the condition. A new study has come out that proves that modern Aboriginal Australians are the direct descendants of some of the first people to inhabit the continent

Rapidly evolving Tasmanian Devils

Alice Williamson calls Lucy Smith from London to chat about how Tasmanian Devils are evolving in order to fight a deadly and infectious face cancer.

Treating Koala chlamydia and discovering Proxima B

Alice Williamson and Lucy Smith discuss new ways of treating Koala chlamydia as well as the discovery of Proxima B.

Birds Songs Reacting to Climate Change and Replacing The Diabetes Finger Prick

Scientists have discovered that some birds sing a different song to their eggs in hotter climates, sending a message to the eggs to develop more slowly. Is this the birds preparing for climate change? Alice also tells Lucy about a breakthrough in diabetes science, possibly eliminating the finger prick.

Exoskeleton Technology for the Paraplegic and The Worlds Oldest Shark Discovered

A new exoskeleton technology designed to help paraplegic patients walk, has shown signs of physical neural pathway reawakening. Scientists have discovered the oldest ever shark which is over 400 years old!

New Research in Auto-immune Diseases and Sunflower Bodyclocks

There has been a discovery of a super immune system, antibodies that may make people live longer and they may be able to detect and fight cancer cells. New research has shown that sunflowers actually have body clocks that work on a 24 hour cycle with the sun, and they move with an obscure growing method.

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