Start Up with Johnny Lieu

May 3rd 2016

Start Up 2016 Podcast, Sydney Podcast, Tech News Podcast

Start Up with Johnny Lieu

Tech news from Australia and abroad, with Mashable reporter/tech extraordinaire Johnny Lieu and our Up For It host Lucy Smith. First broadcast live during Up For It, Start Up is available on iTunes and all good podcast apps.


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25.01.17- Encrypted Texting App and An All Female Ride Sharing App

Following Trump's expression of interest in data collection, an encrypted texting app has been designed so you can safely message on your smartphone without the messages content being intercepted and SHEBAH - an Uber alternative run by women and for women exclusively is set to launch in Australia in February, but is it really a good idea?

18.01.17- Winkd- A LGBTQI Dating App

Lucy and Ariel spoke with Diana Kalkoul and Neda Robat-Meily, the girls behind Winkd- a new LGBTQI dating app scheduled to launch at Mardi Gras.

14.12.16- Trump meets Silicon Valley and the most popular topics on Facebook and Twitter in 2016

President Elect Donald Trump invites Silicon Valley tech leaders to Trump Tower, what do they talk about? Plus the role of technology in 2016: the influence on the US Election and the birth of trends like 'Fake News' and #Pizzagate, what were the most talked about topics according to Facebook and Twitter?

7.12.16- Medibank's VR experience for hospital patients and Amazon Go launches in Seattle

Medibank ventures into the Virtual Reality world with an experience designed to relax hospital patients and allow them to escape their hospital environment. Amazon launches a physical store in Seattle with no checkouts which uses sensors, cameras, AI and your Amazon account to track you throughout the store. Plus the Amazon truck designed to transfer massive volumes of data across America.

30.11.16- Facebook's Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright discussion group and Apple Pay versus Australian Banks

What happened when Gable Tostee started posting in a 'true crime' Facebook group dedicated to the investigation of the death of Warriena Wright? Plus: Australian banks reach out the ACCC to let them collectively bargain with Apple to access the iPhone's NFC chip, with the intent of removing Apple's share of the vendor fees.

16.11.16- Fake News, Facebook's effect on the US Presidential Election and the 'new' Nintendo Entertainment System

In a Facebook press release, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that it had not influenced the results of the US Election, while also claiming they had positively influenced voter turnout. Did they do either? Meanwhile, the (real) news of the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition crashed the EB games website. Is this the start of the old being new again, even in the technology world?

9.11.16- PAX, Virtual Reality and will Amazon launch in Australia next year?

How do developers introduce novice players to Virtual Reality? Fresh from PAX, Ariel brings news of indie developers working on new VR experiences and the future of VR over the next 30 years. Plus: rumours of Amazon launching in Australia have surfaced again, apparently launching September 2017. Will this finally rid us of the 'Australia Tax?'

2.11.16- The Death of Vine and How Should We Address Teen Sexting?

"Since 2013, millions of people have turned to Vine to laugh at loops and see creativity unfold. Today, we are sharing the news that in the coming months we’ll be discontinuing the mobile app," Vine wrote in a blog post. But why have they decided to pull the plug? A report by Yfoundations, a policy group that looks at issues affecting young people, suggests that attempts to scare teenagers about the risks of expressing sexuality online are likely to be ineffective.

26.10.16- The Internet Shut Down and How Instagram Derailed the 'Tinder Murder' Case

Much of the internet was brought to a halt Friday as a cyberattack on a company many had previously never heard of brought down many of the most popular online services - including tumblr, twitter and spotify. A juror almost caused a retrial of the 'Tinder Murder' case hours before the verdict because she was instagramming about the trial. What does this mean for the future of social media and public service?

19.10.16- Facebook's 'Messenger Day' and Politicians Using WhatsApp

There are so many ways to share disappearing visual stories with our friends. Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, and now Facebook's Messenger Day, which is being trialled in Australia. Cyber security experts have raised concerns about PM Malcolm Turnbull and senior government ministers sending private and confidential info via the WhatsApp.

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