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May 3rd 2016

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Start Up with Johnny Lieu

Tech news from Australia and abroad, with Mashable reporter/tech extraordinaire Johnny Lieu and our Up For It host Lucy Smith. First broadcast live during Up For It, Start Up is available on iTunes and all good podcast apps.


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26.04.17 - Wiring up your brain and LinkedIn kicking goals

Tech giants including Elon Musk's Neuralink are trying to connect your brain to computers. LinkedIn is a quiet achiever in the social media world.

19.04.17- Instagram stories killing snapchat and the death of smartwatches

Instagram stories are killing snapchat. Oh and remember how excited we were for smartwatches? Well it seems like they're pretty much doomed.

5.04.17- New Facebook Feeds and Hateful Youtube Ads

Facebook has started testing an entirely new feed with a subset of its users. Users may have woken up over the weekend checked their facebook feed, and noticed a new rocketship in their features? What’s the deal? Youtube is racing to stop its ads being placed next to hateful content. It’s been facing an advertiser revolt for the past 3 weeks because ads were surfacing on YouTube videos from terrorists and hate-mongers, like the Westboro Baptist Church and neo-nazis.

29.03.17- Government Wants to Look at Your WhatsApp Messages and AirBnB Are Becoming Your Travel Agent

The UK government wants there to be no place for terrorists to hide, including on WhatsApp :: AirBnB are hitting the tour industry with 'Trips' feature, getting a step closer towards becoming your travel agent.

22.03.17- Youtube Restrictive Labelling Backfires and Snapchat Gets a Sporting Show

Youtube has always been a place to 'Broadcast Yourself' especially in the LGBTQ+ community, but over the weekend some of their content was suddenly deemed inappropriate. Several LGBTQ vloggers - Rowan Ellise and Tyler Oakley - said youtube was incorrectly censoring their videos using its 'Restricted Mode', site has addressed the error and offered an apology. Snap Inc. is chasing deals with Australian sporting codes in an effort to monetise it's claimed 4 million daily active users locally- On Monday it announced a partnership with the Australian Football League.

15.03.17- Elon Musk is Solving South Australia's Energy Woes and A Vibrator Company Has Been Collecting Your Data

Yesterday, Tesla's Vice President for energy products Lyndon Rive (who is Musk's cousin) said the company could build enough battery storage capacity with its Powerwall 2, to solve lingering energy supply concerns in the state of South Australia, within 100 days. Standard Innovation, the maker of digitally-enabled vibrator the We-Vibe 4 Plus, has learnt the hard way that you shouldn't make data collecting vibrators. On Thursday, it settled a U.S. privacy violation suit to the tune of $3.75 million (A$4.95 million).

1.03.17- Nokia 3310 Reboot and Facebook Reacts Impacting Your Feed

At the Mobile World Congress, Nokia showed three new Android phones, but the one that got the most attention was the rebooted Nokia 3310, which is essentially a lowly, cheap feature phone... but... it has snake!! Facebook's reactions just turned one and the company is finally revealing how its revamped like button impacts your News Feed. It turns out the company weighs reactions — love, haha, wow, sad and angry — over "likes" in determining what content to surface in your News Feed.

22.02.17- More Uber Drama, No More Youtube Ads

Less than a month since ride-share company Uber faced a heavy wave of backlash that led to the #deleteuber hashtag - since publishing. According to an essay by a former Uber engineer the company has a big problem with sexism in the workplace. Susan J Fowler has accused Uber of institutional sexism, HR incompetence and organisational disorder. On Friday, the Google-owned video giant announced that it will no longer offer its 30-second pre-roll ad format without a skip button in 2018. Hovever- they will continue to show 15-20 second ads without the option to bypass them.

15.02.17- ARIEL BOGEL'S LAST SHOW: Twitter's Anti-Abuse Filter and Snapchat Goes Public

Ariel Bogel says her last goodbyes to Start Up and introduces Mashable Tech Reporter Johnny Lieu, who will be taking the reigns every Wednesday from now on. Twitter adds anti-abuse feature, then removes it after two hours. The company gets slammed for taking the wrong approach to abuse. Snap Inc, a.k.a. Snapchat is set to go public in one of the biggest tech initial public offerings (IPO) to date. But will it hurt them, like it did with Twitter?

08.02.17- Facebook Livestream Breaches Copyright & Silicon Valley VS Trump

Two Aus men may be facing legal action after they streamed a highly anticipated boxing match on FB Live. (Danny Green v Anthony Mundine on Foxtel). Both streams attracted tens of thousands of viewers. More than 90 technology companies, many of which were founded by and employ thousands of immigrants, have filed an amicus brief opposing Pres Donald Trump's 'Muslim travel ban.'

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