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February 24th 2017

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RML #15 (27th March 2017)

General Chit-Chat // Mime Sweeper Setup [REDUX] // Real News // Wikileaks: "We've Been Tapped" // Jobseekers Anon // Stats // Modern Living: Wilderness Living/Survival // Petrol Guess [REDUX] // David Musk's Gumtree Auction // Mime Sweeper Execution [REDUX]

RML #14 (20th March 2017)

RIP Chuck Berry (Selling His Things) // Official Inner-West Citizens of the Year Awards (Updates) // Suit Watch [sponsored by Tarokash] // Petrol Guess // Startup Solutions: The Immigration Project: SS Refugee - Urban/Streetwear Brand (ROND) // Acting 101: Rob's Journey // MOTIVATION MONDAYS: Keep Going or Give Up? - Busker Interview // This Week in Sport [sponsored by Sports Bett] // Book Ideas (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

RML #13 (13th March 2017)

New Year's Resolution Revisit // Open Letter from Planet Earth // Where Am I? [The Game] // Modern Living: Homelessness (#AWeekWithout2Men) // Startup Solutions: The Immigration Project - SS Refugee [Phase 4]: 'From Athens With Love' // Local Travel Guide: Redfern // What We Can Learn From Mother Nature

RML #12 (6th March 2017)

Vans Vans Vans // Real News // Mardi Gras // Harry Potter: Gay Pairings // Startup Solutions: The Immigration Project: SS Refugee: Athens Olympics Forever (feat. David Musk) // Torrent Reviews: Planet of the Apes (1968) etc. // Official Inner-West Citizen of the Year Awards (2017) // FBi RML Album of the Week: Lorde's new one // Modern Living: No Electricity

RML #11 (27th February 2017)

Penalty Rates Policy Discussion // Sydney Waste PSA [sponsored content] // Mr Mime Sweeper [sponsored by Digimon Go!] // Textline Shoutout // Conspiracy Corner: Steve Jobs: Alive? // Local Travel Guide: Marrickville // Sell Me This: Robbie's Gumtree // Startup Solutions: SS Refugee Spaceship // Mr Mime Sweeper [sponsored by Digimon Go!] // Modern Living: Strictly Walking Everywhere // Men's March

RML #10 (20th February 2017)

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump // Startup Solutions: SS Refugee // Exploitation or Employment? // Modern Living: Composting // Buy Buy Bye! // Weather In Review // Let's Look at the Modern Stats // Mime Sweeper

RML #9 (13th February 2017)

Valentine's Day Prep // Meet & Greet (feat. Simi Lacroix) // What Celebs Should Get Together? // Sports Wrap-Up // Horse Picks // Dod Bradman = Loser. // Our Ideal Partners // Immigration: Start Up Solutions // Vaping: Tips & Tricks (feat. Simi Lacroix) // Keep Sydney Closed Culture Guide

RML #8 (6th February 2017)

Cars Cars Cars // Weather Traffic Finance News // Kurt Cobain or Martin Luther King Jr.? // Modern Living: Webcams & Feminism // Inspo Quotes: Get Motivated! // Imagination in a Minute: Superpowers // Keep Sydney Closed Culture Guide

RML #7 (30th January 2017)

Weather/Traffic/AOTW // Australia Day // Childhood Trauma: The Game // Philosophy Lesson (feat. Tom Montefiore) // Affirmative Action // Keep Sydney Closed Culture Guide

RML #5 (16th January 2017)

Food Review: Vietnamese Roll // Sydney Music Represent: Pyjama Sundayz // Lessons In Love // Ciao? // Dead Air // Prank Call Pocket Pickup // Keep Sydney Closed Culture Guide

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