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February 24th 2017

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Robbie Armfield and Mitchell Jasey equip YOU with all things modernity.

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RML #23 (22nd May 2017)

RML Meditation // Local Citizen Awards // Monsters Inc. 3D: Inked Up! // Future Gambling Predictions // DAMN. Fine Cuppa Coffee // Humble Charity: Our African Son // Dr Craig: Hunger and Brad Pitt // Hunting On A Budget: Scotty Cam's Routine // Slowcooker Solutions // Elephant in the Room: The Hunt // Mambo x Piping Hot Exclusive Offer // Fan Correspondence: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Of Wall St

RML #22 (15th May 2017)

Music Mondays: 'Smells Like Teen Bigot' // Parent's Day // Modern Politics: The Budget // Chat With Greg [Hog's Breath Cafe] // Modern Anthropology: MGTOW // Modern Science: Walking // Fan Correspondence: The Wolf Chronicles [1st Letter]

RML #21 (8th May 2017)

[Sponsored by] // Movie Trailer Madness // Vice Investigates: The Psychedelic Underworld of Moles // Modern Science: Hunger #WhenYou'reHungryYou'reHunting // Dr Craig: On Hunger // Locker Room Talk: RML Twitter Account // Jobseekers 101: Office Romance // Erotic Screenplay In a Minute [Sponsored by] // The Haunted Dead: Visitations From Beyond the Grave [4th Letter]

RML #20 (1st May 2017)

Music Mondays: 'How To Save A Life' by RML // Locker Room Talk: D&M // Humble Charity: Our African Child // Telstra Ad // Imagination Mondays: Aliens in a Minute // Conspiracy Corner: Steve Jobs Update, Astronaut Interview, WWIII Prep DVD, George Clooney Nespresso Scandal // ANZAC Dawn Service (Retrospective Prep) // Winter Is Coming: A Guide // The Haunted Dead: Visitations From Beyond the Grave [3rd Letter]

RML #19 (24th April 2017)

ANZAC Intro Jam // Jobseekers 101: Last Day // ANZAC Monday Moolah! // Imagination in a Minute: ANZAC // ANZAC Day Memorial Amusement Park [Sponsored by Wizz Fizz] // The Haunted Dead: Visitations From Beyond the Grave [2nd Letter]

RML #18 (17th April 2017)

3 Wise Men Jam Intro // Refugee Day Out: Easter Show // Cash Corner! // David Musk's Investor Guide // Easter Scary Story: The Haunted Dead: Visitations From Beyond the Grave... // The Physics of Ghosts // Easter Resurrection? Steve Jobs Not Dead: From Beyond the Grave... // Apocalypse Prep

RML #17 (10th April 2017)

Coffee Jam Intro // Jobseekers 101: Holding Down The Job // Jobseekers 101: Beers w/ Hanish // Headphone Giveaway // Monday Moolah! // Gambling Predictions // Factory Farming: The Facts // Robbie's Officeworks Job Application // Keep Sydney Closed Culture Guide

RML #16 (3rd April 2017)

Mime Weeping: In Memoriam // Real News // Local Travel Guide: Leichhardt // Monday Moolah! // Startup Solutions: David Musk's Legal Loophole App // Refugee's Day Out // Imagination Mondays // April Fools Ideas // Acting 101: The Matrix Reboot // On This Day 10 Years Ago // Jobseekers 101: The Resume // What Is Satire? (The Game) // Job Opportunity: SS Refugee Captain

RML #15 (27th March 2017)

General Chit-Chat // Mime Sweeper Setup [REDUX] // Real News // Wikileaks: "We've Been Tapped" // Jobseekers Anon // Stats // Modern Living: Wilderness Living/Survival // Petrol Guess [REDUX] // David Musk's Gumtree Auction // Mime Sweeper Execution [REDUX]

RML #14 (20th March 2017)

RIP Chuck Berry (Selling His Things) // Official Inner-West Citizens of the Year Awards (Updates) // Suit Watch [sponsored by Tarokash] // Petrol Guess // Startup Solutions: The Immigration Project: SS Refugee - Urban/Streetwear Brand (ROND) // Acting 101: Rob's Journey // MOTIVATION MONDAYS: Keep Going or Give Up? - Busker Interview // This Week in Sport [sponsored by Sports Bett] // Book Ideas (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

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