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Brilliant Discussions // Excellent Music // Contemporary Perspectives

Robbie Armfield and Mitchell Jasey equip YOU with all things modernity.

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RML #31 (17th July 2017)

Fillet O’ Fish: Pronunciation!? // Where Are They Now? [A Missing Persons Initiative] // Robbie’s Ancient Life: Terrific Or Horrific? [Hieroglyphics] // Roaming Reporters // Modern Science With Dr Craig: “Ready The Nuclear Codes And Rip It Off Like A Bandaid If You Catch My Drift” // RML Dog Picks

RML #30 (10th July 2017)

Halloween In July [BOTCHED] // Minority Report // Discover China: The Szechuan Experience [Part 1] // Hogging The Mic [Hog’s Breath Cafe Initiative {SPONSORED CONTENT}] // Discover China: The Szechuan Experience [Part 2] // Hunting Cruise Nigeria: The Blood Diamond Experience {SPONSORED CONTENT} // On The Rise: Cyber Bullying // The Future // Sydney Aquarium: Gumtree Fish Sale // Nuking The Reef // Queensland Coast Guard {SPONSORED CONTENT} // Usher Exclusive #HighAndDryJuly // Fan Correspondence: Little Love [3rd Letter]

RML #29 (3rd July 2017)

Situational Attire: Rock It Or Knock It // Some Texts // Modern Living: Micro-Landfills // ‘Curse of the High IQ’ Ad // Clean Energy: Grave Spinnerz Inc. // Modern Science With Dr Craig: “Whiskey” // Aliens In The Whitehouse // Gene Simmons (‘The Kiss’) Interview // Fan Correspondence: Little Love [2nd Letter]

RML #28 (26th June 2017)

RML Singsong: ‘Believe’ by DMA // Make Trains Fun // Modern Science with Dr Craig: “Whale Blubber Best Brings The Boys To The Yard” // New Sydney Theme Park: Animal Farn // Fan Correspondence: Little Love [1st Letter]

RML #27 (19th June 2017)

Feedback Reflection // RML Singsong: 'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver // Business On Air: Wingman Fleet De Change Taxis // Have You Seen This Man? Audio Police Sketch Initiative // Maximalist Living: How To // Robservation: Pie // Maximalist Living: Chris Hamsworth // RML Hammer Drop Challenge // Dr Craig // Whaling: Bored Aboard? A Staving // Mic'd Up At A Whiskey Bar

RML #26 (12th June 2017)

RML Singsong: ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ by Cat Stevens // Feedback // Robbie’s Morbid Life: Inner City Stratagems: Gambling // ‘Degrees of Heat’ [SPONSORED CONTENT] // RML Picks: First Date Blockbusters // The Hidden Plotlines: ‘Good Will Hunting’ // Modern Science with Dr Craig: “Whale Meat Cures Standing Desk Cancer” // Robbie’s Morbid Life [REDUX]: Inner City Stratagems: Stakeout Takedown Takeout: Possum // Lift The Ban On Seal Clubbing // Industry Secrets: The Fashion Industry

RML #25 (5th June 2017)

RML Singsong: ‘Swim and Sleep Like a Shark’ by UMO // General Chit Chat: Last Night’s Dinner // Whaling: The Ultimate Hunt // Where Am I? [GAME] // Hollywood A Fraud // Where Am I? [GAME REDUX] Prize-Giving // Modern Science with Dr Craig: “Whale Blubber A Dish Best Served Cold” // Robbie’s Morbid Life // @H // Fan Correspondence: The Wall Who Cried Little Red Boy of Wolf Street [3rd Letter]

RML #24 (29th May 2017)

RML Singsong: ‘Elephant’ by Tame Impala // Meet and Greet with General Chit Chat // Gordon Ramsay Investigates // Slow Cooker Solutions: Hunting Specialities // Modern Science with Dr Craig: “Animals Are Miserable” // House Hunting // Slow Cooker Solutions [REDUX] // Guess The Gun! // Admin On Air // Stand Up Comedy

RML #23 (22nd May 2017)

RML Meditation // Local Citizen Awards // Monsters Inc. 3D: Inked Up! // Future Gambling Predictions // DAMN. Fine Cuppa Coffee // Humble Charity: Our African Son // Dr Craig: Hunger and Brad Pitt // Hunting On A Budget: Scotty Cam's Routine // Slowcooker Solutions // Elephant in the Room: The Hunt // Mambo x Piping Hot Exclusive Offer // Fan Correspondence: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Of Wall St

RML #22 (15th May 2017)

Music Mondays: 'Smells Like Teen Bigot' // Parent's Day // Modern Politics: The Budget // Chat With Greg [Hog's Breath Cafe] // Modern Anthropology: MGTOW // Modern Science: Walking // Fan Correspondence: The Wolf Chronicles [1st Letter]

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