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February 25th 2016


Out From Under | Podcast

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Out From Under is a weekly hour-long radio program of eclectic and experimental Australian music, weaving documentary stories and interviews with new music specials and live performances.

Presented by New Weird Australia’s Stuart Buchanan, who has fronted a variety of underground and experimental programs on Australian radio over the last 13 years – including Fat Planet and New Weird Australia on FBi 94.5FM, and Repercussions on FBi Click.

Out From Under can also be found on Resonance Extra, a new 24/7 broadcast platform from Resonance FM (home to Little Atoms and The Wire’s Adventures In Music & Sound).


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#15 - New Music - Tangents, Reuben Ingall, Lisa Lerkenfeldt

This week’s episode of Out From Under is the latest in the new music playlist series, surveying the terrain of eclectic and experimental music across Australia. We hear from experimental quintet Tangents, a quasi super group of sorts exploring the outer ranges of rock and jazz; Canberra’s Reuben Ingall on a new cross-continental split series; Melbourne artist & musician Lisa Lerkenfeldt; brand new material from Brisbane avant-garde trio Feet Teeth, Melbourne’s Fad and ModB, NSW duo School Girl Report, and the collaborative project of Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch; plus a trio of tracks from one of Australia’s longest running tape labels, Altered States.

#14 - Host

For six years, Nathan Jenkins was part of Australian extreme metal band The Amenta, known for their refusal to fully commit to any sense of what a metal band should be. After working within those extremities and contradictions, Nathan established the solo project titled Host, fusing dark ambient, noise and drone. In this episode of Out From Under, Stuart Buchanan talks to Nathan about this transition and his highly ritualistic approach to music making, as well as his role as curator for the upcoming two-day event, Black Mountain.

#13 - Marcus Whale

Marcus Whale has been straddling the worlds of experimental music and alternative pop throughout his career, from his early improvisational work as Scissor Lock, through the densely layered electronic pop of Collarbones to the taut, politically charged BV project he formed with Guerre aka Cassius Select. Celebrating the debut solo release under his own name, Marcus Whale talks with Stuart Buchanan on Out From Under about his work, his personal growth and his political intent, and reflects on the outcomes - one foot on both sides of the channel.

#12 - Brainbeau

Brainbeau are Brisbane-based underground electronic duo Chelsey Charlton and Kat Martin, aka Chelvis Chesley and Kat Martian, aka Dust Storm Jogger and X in O, aka Emotional Hoon and El Crumple Dash. There are vestiges of classic Detroit and Chicago techno in their music, riffing off Warp and Reflex, Not Not Fun and 100% Silk, muddied with a lo-fi aesthetic redolent of a slew of North American tape labels. In this week’s Out From Under, Stuart Buchanan talks to Chelsey and Kat about Brainbeau and Brisbane, the world they’ve created and now inhabit - a place where they take fun very seriously indeed.

#11 - Jannah Quill

Sydney artist Jannah Quill works in electronic installation and performance, exploring and exposing hidden energies, predominantly through the photo voltaic process - translating light into electricity and ultimately into sound and music. Through her work she begins to “uncase electronic music for what it really is". In this week's episode of Out From Under, we talk to Jannah Quill about her work and her process, and listen to her solo sound works - including a set recorded for the Liquid Architecture event, 'Ritual Community Music' - and works recorded under her WDK project with Laura Hunt from Sydney punk band Ghastly Spats.

#10 - New Music - Carla dal Forno, Collector, Purple Pilgrims

This episode of Out From Under is the latest in the new music playlist series, surveying the terrain of eclectic and experimental music across Australia. There’s music from Melbourne’s Carla dal Forno thru Blackest Ever Black (pictured); from artist and producer Thomas William Smith; a new collaboration from the west coast between Perth’s Rabbit Island and Nicholas Allbrook; cracked industrial techno from Newcastle producer Collector; plus tracks from New Zealand’s Purple Pilgrims, Dan Thorpe, WA?STE and more.

#9 - Andrew Tuttle

Andrew Tuttle is an artist who for twelve years has been exploring the relationship between the electronic and the acoustic - primarily by marrying the worlds of laptop processing with that of banjo and acoustic guitar. He has played live with artists such as Matmos, Mike Cooper and Blank Realm, and recently released the album Fantasy League on the Room 40 imprint, Someone Good. In this episode of Out From Under Andrew discusses the inherent tension in his work and his relationship with his home city of Brisbane. In the second half, we hear an exclusive new recording from Andrew, titled Transitory Adaptations - a mixtape of edited improvisations created while on the road in Europe, recorded in hotel rooms in Lausanne and Berlin and on a train from Berlin to Basel in April 2016.

#8 - Lawrence English

Curator, musician and sound artist Lawrence English founded his Room 40 label over fifteen years ago, and in the intervening years has nurtured over 150 releases in a roster that includes David Toop, Tim Hecker and Grouper and Australian figures such as Oren Ambarchi, Chris Abrahams and Ben Frost. In a wide-ranging interview, he talks about his long-standing relationship with the city of Brisbane, his deep commitment to opening the doors to seemingly inaccessible music, and the ways in which he considers our complex and evolving relationship with sound and listening.

#7 - New Music - Waterhouse, Marcus Whale, Pillow Pro

The latest new music releases are featured in this week’s Out From Under, testing the temperature of eclectic and experimental Australian waters. We hear tracks from the new EP by Melbourne producer waterhouse; future bass from Sydney’s JV; smooth MDMA music from Canberra’s Bum Creek; the debut solo single from Marcus Whale; experimental R&B from Pillow Pro; remixes of work by HTML Flowers and Dylan Michél; plus Lost Salt Blood Purges, Gentleforce, Kell//ua, Hidden, Orlando furious, and new music from Australian electronic music legends Severed Heads.

#6 - 3BS Records

Sydney label 3BS Records was originally created by Blue Mountains-based musician Jonathan Pizzay as an outlet for his Mannheim Rocket and Klangberg projects, but has subsequently grown into a home for other artists sharing their label manager’s respect for experimental techno, ambient exploration, dystopian noise and low-end sonics. On this week’s Out From Under we’re guided through the back catalogue taking in fellow Mountains resident Broken Chip, New Zealand’s Borrowed cs, Simon Unwin aka Hence Therefore, and Jonathan’s confrontational noise project Extreme Misanthropy Crew.

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