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Out From Under is a weekly hour-long radio program of eclectic and experimental Australian music, weaving documentary stories and interviews with new music specials and live performances.

Presented by New Weird Australia’s Stuart Buchanan, who has fronted a variety of underground and experimental programs on Australian radio over the last 13 years – including Fat Planet and New Weird Australia on FBi 94.5FM, and Repercussions on FBi Click.

Out From Under can also be found on Resonance Extra, a new 24/7 broadcast platform from Resonance FM (home to Little Atoms and The Wire’s Adventures In Music & Sound).


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#25 New Music - My Disco, Garry Bradbury, John Chantler

This week’s episode is a mix of new music released in recent weeks featuring from work from Severed Heads alumni Garry Bradbury and Room40 mainstay John Chantler; Regis takes on MY DISCO in a remix for the Downwards label; Blake Freele & Sam Price drop a new collaboration; we tackle brutal noise from Blut; and also hear new work from Panoptique Electrical, Pale Earth, Cooper Bowman, Harrow, Hextape, FATE ÆFFECT and Catfingers.

#24 - Out From Under - Scattered Order & M-Squared (Part 2)

In the second episode of a two-part special, Stuart Buchanan talks to Mitchell Jones; founding member of both seminal Australian experimental band Scattered Order and the early 80s record label M-Squared which balanced the prevailing sounds of post-punk with lo-fi punk electronics and experimental explorations from a close knit community of artists. We hear from M-Squared artists Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Systematics and Ya Ya Choral, along with Prod, A Cloakroom Assembly and Solipsik, the offshoot of renowned Australian industrial group SPK. We also pick up the Scattered Order story following the demise of M-Squared in 1984, and hear about their journey through the 80s and 90s, heading to an unexpected reformation seven years ago.

#23 - Out From Under - Scattered Order & M-Squared (Part 1)

Whilst the legacies of post-punk, DIY electronics and proto industrial are widely known and documented in the UK and US scenes, their impact in an Australian context is less widely recognised. Bonding over the discovery of Cabaret Voltaire imports in Sydney record stores, Scattered Order formed in 1979 and gorged on a wide range of inputs to create a sound and visual aesthetic that was unique in Australia at the time. Together they also formed the label M Squared and fostered an impressive roster of bands such as Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Systematics and Ya Ya Choral. In Part I of a two-part interview, Stuart Buchanan talks to Scattered Order’s Mitchell Jones about the early years of the band and the formation and impact of the M-Squared label throughout the late Seventies and early Eighties.

#22 - Rand & Holland

Brett Thompson has been the guiding force in the Australian band Rand and Holland for nearly fifteen years, but its been a tumultuous and often torturous ride. Widespread love for their lo-fi folk debut led to a polished pop follow up that furthered their critical acclaim whilst also setting in place a chain of events that led to the band conducing an artistic volte-face. They recorded a dark, intense and experimental third album, polarising audiences at a short series of live shows before abruptly breaking up. Four years later, in 2015, the fabled album posthumously saw the light of day, and in this episode of Out From Under, Brett Thompson gives a rare interview, explaining the background to the album and the breakup, and revealing that Rand and Holland is, in fact, far from over.

#21 - New Music - Fia Fiell, Ju Ca, Wives, Bright Sea

Experimental and underground music from Australia. In this week’s episode, we hear new music from Melbourne electronic producer Ju Ca; Canberra’s Wives get remixed by Enderie Nuatal; there’s two releases from Hyperborea and Fia Fiell (pictured) through cassette label Nice Music ; new work from Cold House member Morgan McKellar recording as Bright Sea, plus tracks from Teef Record’s charity compilation Imperium In Imperio II featuring Making, Hence Therefore and Tracy Chen.

#20 - Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt)

On this week’s Out From Under, artists Andy Rantzen and Jochen Gutsch discuss their new collaborative project, which fuses Andy’s poetic spoken lyrics and Jochen’s diverse musical background, recording and performing as Hinterlandt. Highly conscious of the potential pitfalls of fusing poetry and experimental music, Andy and Jochen carve a path to an outcome that is tense and fascinating, and compels you to listen close. We also hear music from Jochen’s Hinterlandt Ensemble and take in back catalogue work from Andy’s Pelican Daughters project.

#19 - New Music - Scraps, Lortica, Half High, M.O.B.

This week’s Out From Under is another in our new music playlist series, presenting a selection of underground and experimental work being made right now in Australia. We check out two compilations both surveying experimental electronic terrain - from labels Butter Sessions and Iceage Productions; music from two Canberra labels, Dream Damage and Moontown Records, featuring Danger Beach and Scraps; new releases from Sydney artists M.O.B. and Lortica; abstract sounds from Sam Filmer; and a new recording from Half High, featuring Lucy Phelan and Matthew P Hopkins from Naked On The Vague.

#18 - Martyn Palmer (Broken Chip / Hidden)

Electronic artist Martyn Palmer has been recording calm and tranquil sounds as Broken Chip for many years, but in recent months something fundamental has changed - precipitating a shift from light to dark, from tranquil to anxious, culminating in a new project under the alias Hidden. In this week’s episode of Out From Under, we hear from Martyn Palmer about his new work, the impetus for the shift in direction and how it contrasts with his work as Broken Chip - taking in an exclusive mix of brand new tracks from Hidden and a walk through Martyn’s back catalogue.

#17 - Archival - The 1970s (Part II)

This episode of Out From Under is the second in a series which looks backwards to the early years of experimental music making in Australia. We explore the latter half of the 1970s, taking in the electroacoustic and multi-media collective WATT; early avant-garde work from renowned figure Carl Vine; prototype tape experiments from the foundation days of Severed Heads; Western Australian composer Ron Nagorcka whose work took a turning point on discovering John Cage; incredible acoustic recordings made in grain silos from Ros Bandt, and tracks from Jon Rose, one of the key influential composers and players in Australian experimental music, free improv and sound art.

#16 - Archival - The 1970s (Part I)

This episode of Out From Under is the first of an irregular series that gazes backwards to the early years of experimental music making in Australia, tapping a rich and fertile vein that came to fruition in the late 60s and early 1970s. This is the first of two episodes that explore the Seventies - taking in psych prog rock band Tully, composer Felix Werder, Moog master Martin Wesley-Smith, free improvisation group NIAGARA and the incredible Tristram Cary, whose work underpinned a number of classic science fiction television series, including the first appearance of the Daleks in Doctor Who.

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