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November 5th 2015

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We delve into someone’s record collection and talk about the music they love and the life they lead. Hosted by Serge Negus.

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Yasmin Suteja

Yasmin Suteja is a photographer, filmmaker, social influencer and creator of Culture Machine. She popped in to chat about social media, forging her own way in the online workforce and growing up in Australia in a diverse multicultural family. She also brought with her some fab 90's music.

Danielle Harvey

Danielle Harvey is a festival curator extraordinaire, managing and creating festivals such as Mardi Gras, Festival Of Dangerous Ideas and All About Women. Danielle Harvey is a festival curator extraordinaire, managing and creator festivals such as Mardi G

Sean Keenan

Actor Sean Keenan, known best for his TV role in the adaptation of the 1979 novel Puberty blues, drops by to talk growing up in Busselton, Western Australia, his progression from child actor to well known name and diversity within the film industry.

Nic Bezzina

Award winning arts and fine arts photographer Nic Bezzina talks growing up in Broken Hill, his connection to hardcore and the characters that inspire his pictures.

Katie Beckett

Indigenous playwright and performer Katie Beckett opens up on being a young mother, docs, racism and changing the status quo when comes to indigenous content on our stages and screens.

Tony Burke MP

Federal Labor MP Tony Burke talks motivations for going into politics, indigenous issues, environment and how to protect Australia's music industry.

Mary Hoang

Psychologist and refugee Mary Hoang walks us through the life of a first generation Australia, the problems she faced and what she did to overcome them (whilst giving a few self help psychology tips along the way).

Chris Wirasinha

Co-founder and CEO of digital youth, culture and news publication Pedestrian.TV, breaks down the beats that shaped his career.

Tim Silverwood

Environmentalist, anti-plastic campaigner, co-founder and CEO of Take-3 For The Sea, Tim Silverwood shares the songs that inspire his work.

Ash Berdebes

Interview god, photographer, videographer and host of Out Of The Box for two and half years, Ash Berdebes has the tables turned on herself to reveal the woman behind microphone.

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