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August 30th 2016


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Take a closer look at songs that have a social or political meaning, beyond their face value. Presented by Serge Negus each week on Mornings with Alex Pye, on Sydney’s FBi Radio.

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#24: Budget Winners & Losers

Serge breaks down the 2016 budget winners and losers. Broken up by one of Australia's strongest political tunes in the form of The King is Dead by The Herd.

#23: Camp Cope - Jet Fuel Cant Melt Steel Beams

Victim blaming, its something experienced a lot by women. Being catcalled or whistled at in the street would make most people uncomfortable, but society continues to tell women that they should take it as a compliment. But it is in fact a form of harassment and gender inequality.

#22: LEFT - No Way

One in every three women will experience domestic violence or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime. No Way is anthem for the women of Australia in the face of adversity and a call to arms for government action.

#21: M.I.A - Rewear It

M.I.A highlights the need for recycling and the environmental impact of the textiles industry through a H&M inititive called World Recycle Week. But is this just companies greenwashing for a profit?

#20: Anohni - Drone Bomb Me

The drone war waged by America according to many has failed and has been hailed by some as a recruiting tool for ISIS. Anohni's Drone Bomb Me highlights the personal reality and ethical questions raised when killing remotely from a distance.

#19: Borneo - Eating Animals

Whats the price we pay for eating meat? Agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change as well as being an ethical dilemma. Borneo's track Eating Animals pokes fun at the ease at which we turn a blind eye to the impact of our choice of consumption.

#18: Remi - Ode To Ignorance

In Ode To Ignorance Remi tells it really how it is for someone of colour in this country called Australia. In his eyes, no one is to blame more for this ignorantly perpetuated racism that the media and politicians.

#17: Marcus Whale - My Captain

Captain Moonlight is know as Australia's queer bushranger, whose last request before being hung was to be buried by his best mate and lover. Marcus Whale has used this incredible part of Australian history as inspiration to right about a need for more diversity in Sydney's music scene.

#16: The Songhoy Blues - Al Hassidi Terei

The Songhoy Blues formed in Mali during a time of severe conflict, where if they were caught playing music, they could have had their hands cut or have even be killed.

#15: Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker The Berry

Voicing the frustrations of a community that wants and deserves and better than what they are given, The Blacker The Berry is Kendrick Lamar voicing is contempt of institutionalised racism in America.

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