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November 5th 2015

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Stephen Ferris, Kris Gale and an ever changing cast of guests chew-out the latest in the world of rugby league. Treating it with the respect and reverence it so richly deserves.


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#4/17; Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale

Bennet in trouble, Tigers in trouble, Holmes a Court in trouble

#3/17; Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale

Trouble at Lottoland, Hayne not training

#2/17; Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale with Jeremy Halpin

Bad day to be Jarryd/Jarrod Day of death

#1/17; Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale

Tim Simona lucks out while Manly hit the jackpot

Coming Soon, Pt 2

We'll be back soon with new episodes for 2017. We've made a few changes to the feed. If you can see this, all good!

#29/16 Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale with Dave Faulkner

Season Wrap, Grand Final Review, Post game

#28/16: AH Cayley & Kris Gale with Dennis Carnahan

Harold Holt Update, The Robots, Grand Final Predictions

#27/16: Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale

Wrestlemania, Bird in trouble

#26/16: Stephen Ferris & Kris Gale with Matthew Clarke and HG Nelson

Cowboys Egging, Farah's move to Souths, Mad Monday wrap

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