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October 27th 2015

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A weekly catch-up with the guys behind the comedy channel Friendlyjordies. Get around it stooge!


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 On top of possibly the greatest musician of all time (listen to find out who), what to do about England and Mislav ringing a radio station late at night 

EPISODE 108 23rd May. UK Election, Turkish Pop- Isis recruitment camps? Paranoid Android, Blade Runner Vibes.

Episode 107 9th May Montgomery’s, Libeterianism vs. Communism- Small Government a hinderance or a help? What’s better Megadeth or Koshie?

EPISODE 106. 2nd May. Jordie’s Mum Drops In, & Will Korea Kill Us All? Ali & Mislav’s Musings


What do they do? Do we know? (no) but still, wouldn’t it be good to know ay? 

Friendlyjordies 103

The story at the end of this podcast… just wait, incredible. 

FRIENDLY JORDIES PODCAST- 102 ABC and co. should be ashamed

Jordan and Mislav talk :–  Recent healthcare politics from Trump’s perspective ——-  What’s the purpose of migration—  ABC is making Jordan angry and people dumb

Friendly Jordies Podcast- 102 Jordan’s fear of Ghosts gets out of hand

Jordan, Mislav and Ali—- play Finish this proverb—- Jordan’s fear of Ghosts gets out of hand—- Why is acting given any importance.  

Episode 101

Ali and Jordan discuss snakes, why it’s bad to tread on them, Pauline Hanson’s loss in WA what does it mean? 

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