November 5th 2015


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Clean energy, roadside drug testing and the closure of Parramatta Pool

What the Finkel? We make climate change politics fun (well, we try) with Ketan Joshi; a look into roadside drug testing in NSW; and an investigation into the closure of Parramatta Pool.

Linda Burney, sexual assault on campus, police raid on Club 77

Linda Burney joins Backchat to discuss the Uluru summit and #robodebt, we look at the latest scandal at St Paul's college and what universities are doing to educate students on consent, and what happened at Club 77 during a controversial "police raid".

The Constitutional recognition summit, Young & Black, and NSW'S Aboriginal water expert

It had been a huge week in Indigenous affairs. Backchat spoke to an ABC journo in Uluru to give us the latest on the Uluru summit, Laura Murphy-Oates told us about her new doco Young and Black, and water expert Bradley Moggridge told us what it's like to "infiltrate" Western institutions with Aboriginal knowledge.

Sex robots, bus privatisation, drug testing and big data

We investigate the future of sex robots, explain what privatisation means for you, check out how the government is using data to drug test people, and discuss "big data".

Ransomware, Catholic schools, climate change and The Red Pill

We got an update on the ransomware outbreak with Troy Hunt from Microsoft; we talk about what's missing from the budget (hint, it's gonna make the planet pretty toasty) with Richard Denniss; we get a history lesson about Catholic schools in Australia; and the team went to the controversial screening of The Red Pill at Sydney University to give you the full low-down.

Fairfax cuts, the Budget, Trump meets Trumbull

This week, Fairfax journalists around the country went on strike after yet another round of serious cuts were announced at the news company. Jack Fisher joins to explain why they undertook a wildcat strike. Student media have been left out of the loop, without media access for the 2017 Budget. Honi Soit editor Kishor Napier-Raman joined Backchat to tell us why the government is locking them out.

Metadata, Anzac Day and the French election

What have the AFP been caught doing with journalists' metadata? Plus, we report on an Anzac Day cricket match between the Navy and Tamil refugees. We have take a look at the French election results. Will the far-right triumph?

Eagle Rock, Aussie Citizenship and Clubbing in Western Sydney

This week on Backchat, Daddy Cool's 1971 banger "Eagle Rock" has been at the centre of a controversy at the Australian National University in Canberra. We also discussed the big changes to migrant worker visas, hearing from people affected by the change. Also on the show, how the lockout laws have led to a resurgence in Western Sydney’s clubbing culture.

US strikes Syria, the Co-op Bookshop AGM, Deliveroo and Rentberry

Today on the show, we hear from Deliveroo riders about what it's like to work for an app. Plus, the US Studies Centre's Gorana Grgic joins to chat about Donald Trump's missile strike on a Syrian air base. We also investigate property management app Rentberry, and investigate why students are crashing Co-op Bookshop's AGM.

University trimesters and the Section 18c battle is finally over

This week, 18C died a quick death in parliament. As ever, it inspired our politicians to say some outlandish things in public. We’re also zoning in on university timetables. It may not sound like a big deal, but shifts to trimesters are happening everywhere and messing up our study plans. So why are they doing it? It's gotta be the money, right?

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