Music Interviews

Ainslie Wills Plays ‘Running Second’ Live And Chats Music As Catharsis with Alex Pye

Ainslie Wills and guitarist Lawrence Folvig filled us in on their ever-evolving songwriting partnership, before performing ‘Running Second’ live on-air.

Steve Gunn Plays Two Songs and Talks Touring, Philly Record Stores & His Roots In Skate Punk

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Steve Gunn joined Alex Pye during his first ever Australian tour. He performed two songs live in the studio and let us in on what it’s like playing with Kurt Vile and Lee Ranaldo.

Kardajala Kirridarra: Beatrice Lewis on storytelling & connection to country

Kardajala Kirridarra producer Beatrice Lewis chats the importance of women as creators and connection to country with Samantha Groth.


A sign off from Sweetie, after ten years on air

It’s been an absolute roller coaster… solo Sweetie, Sweetie & Shag, Sweetie & Al. Today, Sweetie signs off on Arvos for the final time.

Kwame: A fateful freestyle, ‘Lessons Learned’ & the future

Western Sydney MC Kwame joined Tommy Codling in the studio. Hear how he ended up making an impromptu cameo on stage with A$AP mob.

GL Get Groovy On The Midday Mix

If you’re in the mood for an hour of the finest disco, soul and funk grooves, then look no further than GL’s Midday Mix.

Remi & Sampa The Great On Collaboration, Public Sleeping & Pitbull

The collaboration between Sampa, Remi and producer Sensible J is a musical blessing. Currently touring the country, Sampa & Remi chat joint touring and wanting to make as much music together as possible.

Mere Women On ‘Big Skies’, Isolation & Writing at Blackwire

Trisch and Flyn from Mere Women joined Sweetie and Al on Arvos to chat about their new record ‘Big Skies’, dusty country living and the perks of not having a driver’s licence.

Mogwai on the early days, working with Leonardo DiCaprio and album number nine

Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchinson from Scottish post-rock band Mogwai chat teen influences, ‘Every Country’s Sun’ and how they came to work on Leonardo DiCaprio’s doco.

party dozen

Party Dozen chat swapping instruments, gender neutrality & bleeding gums on Dead Air

Party Dozen is the sonic partnership between Jonathon Boulet & Kirsty Tickle. The duo chat women in music, bleeding gums and musical influences with Dean Crowe & Alice Gifford.