Big Screen: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

“Even the villains of the movie blow most other Marvel films out of the water. The Guardians aren’t chased by generic bad guys… They’re chased by former employers who are p*ssed that the team broke their contract.”

Frontyard: not just a space for artists

Photo credit: Frontyard Listen to the Canvas: Art & Ideas piece on Frontyard by Olivia Rosenman. Frontyard is… A building. A library. A garden. […]

Culture Guide May 22 – 28: Iconic Vogue Ball, Sydney Writers’ Festival + The Swim Premiere

Your weekly cheat sheet for the best events in Sydney, curated by FBi.

Alternative Archaeologies: Vanessa Berry Uncovers Sydney’s Underground

Vanessa Berry sheds some light on her exploration blog, Mirror Sydney, and reveals a punk underside to the city that likes to kick the kerb.

Other Worlds: An alternative space for zine makers and zine lovers alike

“Zines are any type of small published, small publication… most people think of them as a paper folded in half with staples down the middle… but it’s just anything that’s not mass produced or put out by a big publisher…”

Hand-Drawn Review: Relay League at Artspace

Reviewing art with art – for art’s sake! Emerald Dunn Frost explores Morse code’s major comeback at Artspace.

Culture Guide May 15 – 21: Everyday Machines, Cloud 9 fashion, and The 7 Stages of Grieving

Your weekly cheat sheet for the best events in Sydney, curated by FBi.

Ian Strange asks us what ‘home’ means

In recent years, Strange has set out across the globe to ask the question: ‘What does the home mean for you?’. Of course, everyone has a different answer.

Apply Now: FBi Youth Arts Mentorship Program

Learn to make arts content for radio! Applications close 26 May.

The Hanging: Nicola Smith, ‘A Whole Night’

Smith’s series of oil paintings pays homage to an avant-garde romance on celluloid.