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a.b. original

A.B. Original on Aussie rap fans, internet trolls & the politics of Australia Day

Following the release of their debut album ‘Reclaim Australia’, Trials (one half of A.B. Original) joined Backchat to discuss the state of Australian Indigenous politics and music’s role in Aboriginal advocacy.


The Hanging: Jonathan Jones – barrangal dyara

Artist Jonathan Jones has created a mammoth sculptural installation called barrangal dyara, meaning ‘skin and bones’, to breathe new life into a forgotten moment of Indigenous Australia’s history.


FemFlix interview: Forgotten films capture the unique voice of 90s feminism in Australia

We chat with the curators of Femflix, an exhibition that captures the wealth of powerful, irreverent and hilarious films & animations by Australian feminists in the 90s.


Obscura Hail sings science softly on Up & Atom with Georgia Hitch

Obscura Hail shares some science-news-inspired music with Georgia Hitch on Tuesday morning science segment Up & Atom!

george gittoes 1

Listen: George Gittoes interview on Mornings

From art to war, receiving the Sydney Peace Prize and everything else, renowned artist and filmmaker George Gittoes covers it all.

claudia nicholson 1

Art We Heart :: Claudia Nicholson

You will find Claudia working with anything from textiles and ceramics to floral arrangements and now alfombras de asserín (or sawdust carpets).

Susie Youssef at FBi Radio keeping it together despite the deluge of fangirls

Listen :: Susie Youssef on Out of the Box

Our first #ootbtbt features Susie Youssef! She was on Out of the Box a few weeks ago, adding ‘DJ’ to the many feathers already in her cap. Listen here for a joyous collection of tunes and yarns about pre-show rituals, hecklers, owls and black comedy. Her show Owl Eyes On You starts tonight.


Listen :: Shaun Gladwell on Mornings with Pat & Greta

Shaun Gladwell’s inspirations range from the feeling of flying to combat in Afghanistan, all while staying firmly entrenched in highly relatable situations and experiences

Brush With Fame - EARS

Listen :: Daniel O’Toole (EARS) on Out of the Box

Daniel O’Toole, or EARS, makes paintings, drawings, photos, music and videos. Phew! You might recognise some of his artwork across Newtown, and Ash Berdebes chatted with the man behind it all on Out Of The Box.

photo 1 (2)

Listen :: Canvas talks queer arts with Justin Shoulder, Anna Helme & Hissy Fit

Canvas celebrated Daddy’s Day on Sunday by hosting a panel discussion about queer screens, bodies and politics. Listen back to the conversation between Justin Shoulder, Hissy Fit and Anna Helme.