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Japandroids compare Sydney's recent challenges to Vancouver, and share new album details

After an intimate show at Marrickville's Red Rattler, Dave and Brian from Japandroids talked to Darren Lesaguis about DIY venues and the importance of culture to a city. Plus – some insights on 'Near To The Wild Heart Of Life'.
James Blake

James Blake Interview: On 'sad boy' culture, Radiohead and humanity in electronic music

James Blake tells Darren Lesaguis about the labour of love that was 'The Colour In Anything', combatting 'sadboy' culture, and the state of electronic music in 2016.

Parquet Courts' Andrew Savage: On fan tattoos, New York City and gun violence in America

Darren Lesaguis speaks with Parquet Courts co-frontman and guitarist, Andrew Savage, about his synesthesia, the American epidemic of gun violence, and navigating the self between expressions of authenticity and performance.

New Order Interview: On Sydney's lockout laws and getting funky with their latest album

We spoke with New Order guitarist Phil Cunningham and bassist Tom Chapman about balancing rock, funk and electronic dance sounds on their latest album and how rules like Sydney's lockout laws were "meant to be broken."

Dro Carey shares 3 tracks that inspired his new EP 'Dark Zoo'

Dro Carey (aka Eugene Ward, aka Tuff Sherm) came in to talk with Darren Lesaguis about his musical influences and progression as an artist (or three).

The Drones Interview: The Rules of Time Travel & The End Of The World

"Going back in time is forbidden by Stephen Hawking and a whole bunch of other guys." Dan and Gareth from The Drones share their seemingly deep knowledge of time travel, ethics and their new album with Darren Lesaguis.

Spirituality and the art of cooperation: finding Kurt Vile's groove

Kurt Vile talks spirituality and inspiration in Joshua Tree National Park, where his sixth album was recorded in eight exhausting days.

DMA'S: Hills End interview & 'Too Soon' live acoustic on Arvos

It's been a long time coming, but the debut album from DMA’S is finally here. Listen to the Sydney band discuss 'Hills End' and play an acoustic live in the studio.
fbiradio worlds end press 1

Listen :: World's End Press tell Tall Stories on Lunch with Darren Lesaguis

The Melbourne dancefloor masters talk through their new EP and finding the balance between electronic and analogue instruments.