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  • Numb & Getting Col... // Flume
  • Dark Zoo (feat. FK... // Dro Carey
  • Fashion (radio edi... // Holy Balm
  • Lichterschmaus // Pantha Du Prince
  • Funk Over Here // Achim Funk & Mr. N...
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Oneohtrix Point Never interview: “I don’t feel like a serious composer”

“I’m starting to resent the idea of seriousness of any kind when it comes to art.” Listen to an in-depth interview with Daniel Lopatin, the mastermind behind forward-thinking electronic project Oneohtrix Point Never, in Sydney for Vivid LIVE.


Gordi performs ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’ live & talks progress on The Playlist

Stephen Goodhew catches up with Gordi before she embarks on an international tour, with the release of her ‘Clever Disguise’ EP through Jagjaguwar.

Summer Flake

Summer Flake performs ‘Wine Won’t Wash Away’ live and chats creative influences on Arvos

Stephanie Crase, aka Summer Flake, talks all things ‘Hello Friends’ and plays an acoustic version of a tune inspired by a very silly new year’s eve that “went pear-shaped”.


The Drones Interview: The Rules of Time Travel & The End Of The World

“Going back in time is forbidden by Stephen Hawking and a whole bunch of other guys.” Dan and Gareth from The Drones share their seemingly deep knowledge of time travel, ethics and their new album with Darren Lesaguis.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks interview with Greta Balog: Quitting college for rock ‘n’ roll

“It’s a lot of fun, we’ll be sweating and if you want to have a good time you’ll be sweating too.” Clay and Cadien from Twin Peaks talk about being animals on stage and quitting college for rock ‘n’ roll.

Car Seat Headrest

Car Seat Headrest interview: How it’s possible to make it through college and release thirteen albums by age 23

Will Toledo is 23 and unsure of what to do with his life after college. He’s also on the verge of releasing his thirteenth album as Car Seat Headrest and heading off on an international tour. You’ve got that going for you too… right?

This week in Sydney


Soundcheck May 30 - June 5: VIVID Continues, Visions Festival, Bag Raiders, KLP & more

Need a live music fix? Here are our top gig picks in Sydney this week.

Culture Guide May 30 - June 5: documentary fundraisers, arts funding discussions, and medical patients in art

Your weekly cheat sheet for the best events in Sydney, curated by FBi.
diary of death_may2016

Diary of Death :: 28 May - 3 Jun 2016

A life-threatening list of recommended events happening in Sydney and surrounds this week.